10 Reasons to purchase a Roland DWX-50 Dental Mill from Argen Canada

10 Reasons to purchase a Roland DWX-50 Dental Mill from Argen Canada

1. Save money

Our range of milling machines reduce unit costs. Free up your technician’s time so they can concentrate on higher value work. Will a dental machine save you money? Call our sales team today see if the economics will work for your dental lab!

2. Save time

Avoid long lead times and offer a more flexible service to your Dentists. Bring your production in-house or complement your existing production facility so that you can offer same day milling.

3. Consistent of quality from Argen enabled DWX-50 Dental Mills. 

Achieve consistent quality results, every time, every day.

4. Clean and quiet operation

Designed specifically for dental businesses, the DWX series delivers clean and quiet operation when connected to an extraction system

5. Extremely Versatile

Argen Dental DWX-50 Dental Mills – Machine materials including Zirconia, Wax and PMMA – Mill Abutments as Argen offers a 3Shape or Dental Wings Abutment Library at no charge.

6. Don’t get tied in be flexible 

Roland’s DWX series operate on an ‘open’ system platform – integrating easily with any of the standard 3D open scanners, tooling and materials, choose your scanner!

7. Affordable with Argen finance

The DWX series is a cost-effective bench-top range of milling machines, allowing you to save up to 90% on your milling costs. Affordable monthly payment programs with Argen Finance.

8. Small and powerful

Desktop size means this machine can be easily accommodated within the smallest available dental lab space.

9. Unattended milling

Prepare your machine, send your files and let the machine get on with its work. Our CAM Software will even email when the Job is finished.

10.World-class service and support right here in Canada 

The Roland DWX series is supported by Argen Canada with a 2 year Warranty. We stock and service all Roland Mills. Argen is fortunate to have industry leading Dental Automation experts ready to help you if required with your Roland Mill.

 Call our sales team for Q1 2014 Roland DWX-50 Offers! 

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