2nd Annual CAM/CAM Conference Dental Automation

The 2nd Annual CAM/CAM Conference will be August 2012 in Kelowna BC


Kastle Mills and CAP have spent the past year `growing dental labs’ through various means:

  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Custom Automated Manufacturing
  • Reengineering Conventional Dental Workflows to Deploy Digital Dental Automation
  • Creating Automated Dental `Ecosystems’ for Compact Inhouse Manufacturing of Digital Prosthetics

We have learned alot about our own operations and our dental culture in Canada through this process.

We had to look in the mirror an now recognize `automation is now here’ at a price point that is acceptable and essential for dental labs to stay competitive.

It is important to remember a few points to enable success in this new era.

  • If you purchase digital dental equipment you will likely be only as `successful’ as `the level of support’ you are expected to receive from that company.
  • If you purchase cheap digital dental equipment you will get limited or no support, limited dental IQ and limited access to scale up your business downstream
  • If you purchase digital dental equipment from a big box company or a non dental company, expect just that! dental equipment in the box with a how to manual and 1800 number Overseas.

This discussion now steers towards the starting point – 3D Dental Scanners or the Dental CAD/CAM Arena. This sales area CAD/CAM is now ultra competitive and as dictated by our peers – you usually get what you pay for.

The important piece to remember is to select the right resources, complete your diligence and purchase the right equipment. Then you will need to use `that distributor’ to enable the base that will be your platform for continued success!

Core Competency and Workflow Assessment, Change Management Plan for Employees for `buy in’ Site Planning for Equipment, Delivery, Onsite Installation and Training at your location with your team by certified trainers, Workflow Design Templates, Prosthetic Manufacturing Techniques, Production and Post Production Education, Execution of Final Digital Prosthetics and Continued Support. I know you are wondering – what the hell are we talking about? who does this?

This is why most `technology sales’ don’t get the market uptake they should – great products can be dust collectors without the proper planning and support required to enable such a workflow. However when such a workflow is enabled with this expertise and support ` a footprint’ or `automation template’ it offers unprecedented value and savings not to mention unmatched turnaround times for prosthetics. Below is a picture of e.max press crowns from a 3Shape design that was then manfactured in wax

Automated E.max Press








It’s starts at $45,000.00 with a new 3Shape Dental Scanner and Roland Mill or 3D Printer

That is the issue that milling centre’s will have to face (we looked in the mirror)  as the price of the right technology is now here!

Fact: you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to run a mill or printer – limited dental IQ required.

Fact: you don’t need a 2000kg $250k mill to create ultra precise Zi substructures and crowns, mill temps anymore – and you can create savings in almost every area of your conventional workflow with this technology – it’s not just what you outsource! Is this your new wax department?

This new access to `technology’ at this price point impacts us all. What should I do? What can we do? Should I buy this equipment? Is digital automation for me? If I don’t act how will it impact my business?

We actually thought the same thing you might be, this is fad or the technology is not quite there – we were not accurate! It’s here and through our peers in Canada and the US we know just how fast these mills and printers are moving off the shelves! The Economics work

We saw this some time ago – we tend to be quite innovative and offer what we feel is the best digital equipment available – We now help and empower dental labs with inhouse manufacturing because it’s better to be steering the car then being passed by it standing on the side of the road

There is nothing a business can do but change `every business’ will have to inorder to stay profitable, however it’s how much you change when?

This will be the basis of our discussions this year Inhouse Manufacturing of Digital Prosthetics – Dental Automation.

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