3 Shape Trios – the difference

3Shape Digitally moving the world of dentistry

The difference is simple – its a dedicated team, its continuious improvements, its exceptional support, and its truly advanced technology.

3Shape-  the Global provider of innovative 3D technology     

  • Established in 2000 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 250 employees (+65 employees 2011)     
  • More than 120 software/hardware developers and engineers     
  • Headquarters in Copenhagen (Denmark)     
  • Offices in Kiev (Ukraine), Stettin (Poland), New Providence (USA), Milano (Italy) and Shanghai (China)     
  • Leading supplier in the Hearing Aid Segment     
  • 70-80% of the world’s hearing aids are produced using 3Shape’s technology    
  • Global market leader for Dental CAD System for the lab     
  • Thousands of installations in more than 60 countries.


3Shape TRIOS Features

Scan speed:

oMore 3D images are captured per second, which has resulted in faster scanning times.

·Implant scanning officially released:

oScan flags or scan bodies can now easily be scanned.

·Lock surfaces feature:

oAbility to paint or mark areas to be locked for further changes, which means that you for instance can lock the gingiva around the margin. This means that collapsing gingiva will not be added to the scan.

·Margin line feature:

oThe margin line can now be changed simply by drawing with the finger, which is a significant improvement in defining a precise margin line.

·Hi-resolution scanning:

o    For high resolution data capture around preparations

·3shape Communicate integrated to TRIOS:

oView the final design on the TRIOS, when the lab has returned/ completed the design.

oSend messages to lab. Instant real-time DIRECT communication

o3shape Communicate is a way for dentists and laboratories to be in dialog by sending messages to each other and reviewing the final designs and margin lines.


o     Clearance feature in the bite scan has better touch scrolling to change the distance value.

o Training Centre with a list of available training material. Now it includes the scan strategies for a quadrant, a full jaw and a bite scan.

o     Calendar hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

o     Playback of a scanning session now with Play and Rewind controls, and also a 3d images counter.

Technology that grows stronger instead of growing old, that’s the difference…



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