3D ZirCrown DARE to COMPARE customer photos for full contour zirconia crowns

3D ZirCrown is precision engineered from a single monolithic block of clinical grade Zirconia. It yields more than twice the strength of presses ceramic crown yet produces similar translucency. 3D ZirCrown is not layered zirconia; it is virtually chip proof and offers unsurpassed flexural strength of over 1100Mpa yet kind to opposing dentition! Each Kastle Mills 3D ZirCrown is hand stained from the inside, this intrinsic shading process creates a sense of depth providing a crown that looks ‘alive’. The 3D ZirCrown has a Lifetime Warranty and is Health Canada Approved.

Any dental lab only can now DARE to COMPARE at no charge! If you are a new customer using another milling centre in the USA or Canada you now have the choice to compare the 3D ZirCrown to a competing FC Zi Crown at no charge. Put all the marketing aside, and simply just compare the 2 crowns! We will leave the professional material assessment to you!

100percent solid German precision milled translucent full contour zirconia – The 3D ZirCrown there is nothing like it!



Customer Photos of the 3D ZirCrown and a competing Zi FC Crown – Thank you for the photos and kind dentist comments

No Stain No Glaze                            3D ZirCrown Left                                    Competing Zi Crown Right


3D ZirCrown unfinished         Zi Competitor Crown unfinished        Finished 3D ZirCrown Complete

Customer Finished 3D ZirCrown on Itero Model

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