3Shape Orthodontic Module

3Shape’s Orthodontic System is a digital age solution for orthodontic labs and clinics. This Ortho Module brings together accurate 3D scanning, intuitive treatment planning and analysis, efficient patient management and state of the art communication tools. The end result is a streamlined workflow that increases productivity and efficiency.

Digital Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of modern orthodontics. Digital study models are only the first step once generated and used with analysis, CAD files can be additionally applied for cost efficient and high quality manufacturing orthodontic appliances. It is of paramount importance for orthodontic professionals to make the right choice among systems, a choice that will add business value, ensure your future and expand your possibilities.
3Shape is dedicated to making it all possible…

3Shape Orthodontics 2010

3Shape Dental Designer Orthodontics

3Shape Viewer Demo

3Shape Orthodontic System empowers and enables you to:

• Create your own digital study models and digital archiving system
• Virtual base creation
• Real time communication tools
• Integration with patient management systems such as Dolphin Imaging and OrthoTrac
• Easy case preparation and detailed diagnostics
• Virtual setups
• Detailed treatment planning
• Orthodontic Appliance Builder Module coming in 2013

Kastle Mills will be printing with biocompatible MED 610 material:

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