3Shape Trios – Advanced Technology- Order Form with Color Tool

Impression taking has never been easier …

Trios contains a broad array of smart tools that empowers you with full control. The TRIOS by 3Shape removes the stress factor associated with taking impressions; not just for the Dentist but Certified Dental Assistant as well.

Today’s feature of the 3Shape Trios is the Order Form with Color Tool. A Trios order form is a dynamic tool that makes it fast and easy to create new orders, attach pre-op photos, and capture all case detail for complete and easy communication for the Lab. The Color Tool enables the user to mark or draw detailed tooth color information directly on an illustration of the tooth and customizable Order Forms matched to a specific lab’s offerings.

Did you know?

The Trios BY 3Shape uses confocal imaging. Confocal means – Having the same focus. This technique for obtaining high resolution optical images with depth selectivity. Images are acquired point by point which allow 3D imaged to be reconstructued in real time right in front of you on the computer screen rather that interpolated artificial surfaces.


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