3Shape TRIOS: Advancements in Digital Dentistry

We are living in a time of convenience and easy of use. Almost everything is at our finger tips with the use of a smart phone. Times are changing and certain aspects of life have been transformed to be faster, easier, better. Communication has changed the way we gather data has changed, many workflows have changed … so what is the change?

Digitization and Automation; and it is all around us!


3Shape TRIOS Communicate Screen Shot

It is quite clear what the future of our industry will be, we all know its coming and most of us acknowledge that it is already here. Digital Dentistry is at the forefront, it has been banging down the doors of dental labs world wide for quite sometime now. CAD/CAM technology is the way of the future  so where does that leave the Dentist?

Well there is great news and then there is more great news!

As a Dentist that offers Digital Technology in office you open many different avenues to you, your team, your business, and your patients. With a Digital Impression solution the impressioning process becomes so much more than that ‘icky goop’ that you stick in your patients mouth and have them bite on for 3-7 minutes. The Digital Impression is a diagnostic tool, an educational presentation, a way to track and review changes in the mouth, a way to get your patients more involved and have a higher level of understanding which in turn results in a higher level of treatment acceptance. They will be able to see how their teeth come together in occlusion rather than wonder and try to imagine what you mean when you state their bite is off or crossed or class III.

What else does digitization and automation in the dental office mean … I’m glad you asked. It means: faster trunarounds, exceptional patient care, improved patient experiences and higher treatment acceptance, material flexibility with lab expertise and quality restorations, streamlined workflows for your team, less material to set up means less time wasted, reduced costs mean increased production … but how?

Here is how:

The 3Shape TRIOS 2nd Generation Digital Impression Solution for Dental Restorative and Orthodontic Indications

  • No Click Fees, Case Fees, or Back End Fees to you or your Dental Lab
  • No Powder, No Spray
  • No 3rd party interference – your lab is your choice! (Open Architecture)
  • Ultrafast Advanced Scanning Technology – 3000 2D images per second to create accurate 3D Image with up to 1000 3D images – not from interpolated artificial images/surfaces
  • Smart Tool Technology – the TRIOS highlights areas that you may have missed and prompts you to move forward. (also upload photos and attachments to the order form)
  • Custom Color Tool – an easy way to provide descriptive detail highlighting specific areas that showcases multi-tones and variations throughout the tooth structure for life like aesthetics
  • Automatic Heater Tip – no harsh cool air blowing causing sensitivity to surrounding dentition
  • Autoclavable and reusable scan tips
  • Sleek and sophisticated Design – will compliment any space
  • Light weight for comfort and maneuverability – ergonomically designed with you in mind
  • Simple Plug and Go set up

The 3Shape TRIOS will Save you Money!

Digitization and automation reduces costs: save on impression material, trays, tips, stone to pour models, shipping, but mostly time! Saving time will save you money! Save on storage and space by scanning in your models too! Have a CAD inspired workflow to increase production. Prep and walk away and let your CDA or Hygienist take care of it for you while you maximize your time and production in another operatory!

The 3Shape TRIOS will Accelerate Turnaround Times!

This is quite simple. An impression from the 3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression Solution  is accessible faster due to the open digital format of the STL. As a matter of fact the digital impression is sent directly to the lab within a matter of minutes. 3Shape has taken time into account when they thought this one through; the easier the process is the faster it becomes meaning that the direct to lab approach with the TRIOS is unlike no other. The digital impression that was taken chairside can be immediately accepted (within minutes) into the 3Shape CAD software for work to be completed on either an indirect restorative restoration or an orthodontic appliance. It really is that easy!

Check out the link for a 3 day turnaround case which included 1 day of shipping (imagine the possibilities with a local lab):http://www.argencanada.com/insert-indriect-restorations-scanned-3shape-trios-canada/

The 3Shape TRIOS is Streamlined and Simplified 

Faster. Easier. Better. For you and your team! The TRIOS Digital Impression solution will eliminate many steps in taking a traditional impression. Say good bye to tray selection, dispensing and set up of materials, (the elimination of those 2 steps for me as a CDA is very appealing) gaging patients, disinfection and shipping of impressions, or pouring of models all of which are susceptible to distortion. The 3Shape TRIOS does eliminate patient gagging during impression taking. TRUST ME … I was tested on this one a few times with my in office demos!

Digital files and the 3Shape Communicate function allow for rapid communication with the laboratory, it’s like having your lab tech in house! Not to mention the digital impression is a record that will not distort, or become damaged over time. In any case digitization removes several steps from the process. It is a simple as take a scan and send to the lab, the lab accepts, designs, and fabricates your models and restoration from a beautiful open file format called the STL.

Material Flexibility and Lab Expertise

With a digitized and automated workflow from an open architecture system (3Shape TRIOS) you have access to unlimited choices for product material choices and product manufacturing options. There is no 3rd party integration for post processing or data marking. It is you and the lab of your choice! Nothing changes aside from the method of capture and transport of the impression – your lab, and established workflow and existing relationship – flexibility and choice of material, expedited turnaround times with lab skill, knowledge, quality and expertise.

There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will increase productivity, streamline workflows, and make any dental team more efficient. So why not find out for yourself and call for a quote today!

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If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, local demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535 or email [email protected]



Valerie Kastle Mills Corp TRIOS Expert


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