3Shape TRIOS: Benefit and Purpose

“Perhaps the most important lesson we have learned is that innovation is only successful if it moves and is guided in directions that truly benefit professionals in their daily work,” Clausen, CTO and spearhead of the 3Shape development team, pointed out.

Today, CAD/CAM has conquered the dental laboratories and clinics, ensuring high profitability by maintaining top level quality through standardised and controlled treatment and production processes that are also benefitting the patient. In Germany, traditionally an early adopter of new technologies, approximately 82 per cent of all ceramic restorations are already produced by using CAD/CAM technology. ”The question today is no longer if CAD/CAM will endure in the industry, but rather when all dental professionals will be taking advantage of it,” Clausen said.

After having conquered the dental laboratory industry, 3Shape also leveraged the proven technologies to the dental clinics. ”We analysed all existing scanning systems on the market and defined what we like and what we didn’t like about them. We wanted to created a system that incorporated all the advantages and eliminate all the drawbacks of the existing systems. Our solution really needed to be faster, easier, more accurate and more reliable,” Deichmann said.

At the opening day of IDS 2011, 3Shape launched its newest achievement, the TRIOS intra-oral scanning solution, which aims to revolutionise the dental practice. The 3Shape booth was literally flooded with dentists trying to get a glimpse of sleek and elegantly designed scanner. One of the TRIOS 3-D scanner’s notable features is that it does not require dentists to apply spray or powder to coat the patient’s teeth, making scanning an easy, fast and comfortable process that does not ruin scan accuracy by adding material to teeth surfaces. In addition, it can scan any materials, such as metals, semi-transparent materials and skin. It only requires minimal amount of training for use in clinical practice. The scanner captures over 3,000 2-D images per second, which is 100 times faster than a conventional video camera. Dentists who witnessed the presentations at IDS stated that the ”impression-free” dental practice seems to be just around the corner.

An open communication interface allows dentists to send the scanned data via the Internet directly to the laboratory of their choice, where the technician can start designing the restoration immediately using 3Shape Dental System software or the appropriate interface to third party software. The TRIOS communication software also includes a tool to visualise the technician’s solutions for the patient, for example on an iPad, while the patient is still in the chair, which is especially important for anterior cases. The system is designed to give dentists high-quality restorations and treat more patients rather than spending time and money on chairside milling. It handles a wide range of indications and produces quality 3-D data that can easily be realised by any laboratory.

Generally, digital data is controllable, predictable and available any time by requiring only minimal space. This guarantees that the dentist owns and is able to use patient data without limitations and can potentially export virtual setups to other systems, such as for appliance manufacturing. Surprisingly, 3Shape is the only major dental company that goes by a non-exclusive basis. All products are designed as plug-and-play solutions and feature open interfaces for connection to third-party applications.

Source: Dental Tribune

Youtube video of Tais doing a TRIOS Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMjXghTu2dI

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