A 3Shape Trios case story Part I.

“TRIOS helps us develop ourselves as dentists”

Why take traditional impressions, when it is possible to scan in 3D in less than three minutes and then design virtually? Dentist Simon Kold from Herning Implant Center has worked with the TRIOS scanner since June 2011, and has no doubts about his own preference.

Crowns with more precision

Dentists Simon Kold would not want to be without his TRIOS®system today. TRIOS® makes it possible to work digitally throughout the case. Many laboratory procedures can be carried out using CAD / CAM technologies including production of a digitally designed model. Another option with TRIOS® is to make model-free crowns in full zirconium and e.max. The fact that one can skip the physical model makes the whole workflow both faster and cheaper. With model-free crowns you get an alternative to conventional crown treatment, which can accommodate a large group of patients which otherwise would have chosen a composite reparation to save money. “TRIOS® provides many advantages,” says Simon Kold. “It avoids uncertainties and potential errors that can come with traditional impression taking and casting in plaster. Precision becomes significantly higher.” Simon Kold also speaks of the great satisfaction in working with the market’s latest technology. It develops not only the clinic’s staff, but also takes the clinic in new directions.

Herning Implant Center  Source: Dr. Simon Kold By courtesy of Plandent

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