3Shape Trios Case Story Part II

Does it make you

a better dentist?

Simon believes that his preparations have improved significantly since he started working with Trios.

“It’s always been challenging to define an adequately precise margin line and this puts greater demands on preparation skills. Now I find it easier to assess the quality of my impression because I can see the preparation right away in 3D,” Says Simon Kold. “It’s easy to use the 3Shape TRIOS®, but naturally, one needs to learn how to scan optimally. The first day we scanned 6 patients in a row with 3Shape representatives on-site giving instructions. After that, we were ready to work on our own. There have been a few start-up issues but that’s how it is with new techniques.” A very satisfying and significant TRIOS® experience took place when Simon in November 2011 successfully completed an upper-jaw reconstruction using 12 new teeth. Both the scan and the whole workflow with the laboratory functioned smoothly and all 12 teeth slid in without making any adjustments!

Simon Kold also took a traditional impression during the process. He sent the physical impression to the lab and asked them to assess its precision in relation to the scan. Their answer was clear. The laboratory judged that the sources for errors had been minimized by up to 70%! This high ratio surprised Simon.

When making major reconstructions, it is an advantage that the laboratory can model and adjust virtually on-screen instead of physically having to work with a wax model. 

Herning Implant Center Source: Dr. Simon Kold By courtesy of Plandent

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