A 3Shape Trios case story Part III.

3Shape – a professional team that demonstrates high commitment to its customers


3Shape and their professionalism have been an asset. They listen carefully to our issues and quickly provide solutions. They seem very committed in their aim to be the best in their market,” says Simon Kold, and he adds “3Shape works hard to be the best in each area they work with. I like that.”




Brings significant advantages   

Before choosing TRIOS®, Simon Kold thoroughly investigated the 3D scanning market.

The key factors that led to TRIOS® were:

Open system – TRIOS® is not locked to a specific provider. TRIOS® opens many doors that help clinics start working digitally.

Auto focus – It doesn’t matter which angle or distance the scanner is held while scanning.

No powder or spray needed. Live video scanning – It’s like shooting a video. The scan is built up on the screen as one works. Its fast, modern, and precise.

An investment that secures your future

“Look at it as an investment in the future,” says Simon Kold. “The scanner will naturally represent a significant investment although one saves time and the cost of impression materials. But TRIOS® brings many things that develop the clinic. In the US, labs are starting to train technicians to be completely dedicated to CAD/CAM workflows. In a few years, both labs and clinics will be much more digital. It’s a new era one needs to be a part of!” concludes Simon Kold.   Herning Implant Center Source: Dr. Simon Kold By courtesy of Plandent

Kastle Mills is now taking pre-orders for TRIOS®. Contact Valerie for further information,TRIOS® Brochure’s, or any questions that you may have.

Check back tomorrow for clinical photos of  maxillary reconstruction of 12 teeth.

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