Changing Our Industry One Impression at a Time- 3Shape TRIOS

With the current and future direction of our industry moving towards digital technology, digital impression scanners become more popular. With many options on the market the thought that comes to mind is why TRIOS? My response tends to be why not TRIOS?

3Shape CAD Technology is the most used system in the WORLD! Why not use what your dental lab already does?

The 3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression solution is second generation technology. The accuracy, speed, effeciency, ease of use, integration options, and productivity is here! In my mind the TRIOS is the only product on the market that delivers all of the above and then some! There is a reason that 3Shape is the world’s bestselling system of the market today. Now 3Shape is bringing that state of the art ground breaking technology directly to the dentist. The future of dentistry and the amazing potential of the future is literally at your finger tips with the TRIOS…. so sit back, relax, and smile as you read up on my blogs because the 3Shape TRIOS is changing our industry and here is why:

  1. Easily communicate with YOUR lab! A benefit with open architecture of the TRIOS system your lab is your choice. The scan data that you capture is sent directly to the lab and is there for them to preview and assess with in MINUTES! No 24-48hr wait time and no 3rd party interfearance like other systems on the market. The 3Shape Communicate tool is integrated in your TRIOS solution to provide immediate and efficient communication with your lab. 3Shape Communicate lets you …Explore your lab’s design and margin line proposals in 3D and send back comments. Discuss virtual diagnostic wax-ups with the lab or with your patients. Communicate when convenient – access your account directly from your TRIOS cart, PC, or tablet.
  2. OPEN ARCHITECTURE!! (yes that deserves all capitals and 2 exclamation points) Not only as a dentist but as a business owner you really need to understand the potential you have with this system being truly open. If you purchase a closed system  it not only limits you today and tomorrow, but for always. (closed in and open out to me is still considered a closed system) Invest in technology that grows as you do, not older but stronger as time goes on. TRIOS is Future Proof Technology – It is the only piece of dental equipment that actually get’s better with age `due to the ground breaking software updates’. Don’t waste your money on old technology, invest in 3Shape and watch your $$ multiply!
  3. No Click fees No Case fees or Back End Fees to you or your dental lab! (yes you heard right)The 3Shape TRIOS is an all in offer, completely unlimited for you and the lab.
  4. SPEED! The TRIOS uses ultrafast section technology based on confocal imaging to capture an astonishing 3000 2D photos per second to create a 3D image. 100 TIMES FASTER THAN VIDEO! You control your scan sequence, non prompted free flowing scanning. Technology designed the way you work!
  5. Cool Factor  sleek, sexy, and sophisticated. That is the 3Shape TRIOS!  It is light weight and easily maneuverable from operatory to operatroy weighing in at a slender 88lbs.
  6. EASE OF USE! With only 4 simple steps the 3Shape TRIOS is a dream. Order from, scan, analysis, send …. FASTER. EASIER. BETTER for a reason! The scanner provides a touch screen and complete motion and positioning freedom while the large touch screen shows live visualization and real time data as you scan. Check out Youtube!
  7. Clinical Performance – All indications for all materials/product offerings. TRIOS is a solution for clinics that gives dentists better impressions, happier patients, more time, and a glowing practice. It is a proven fact that digital impressions improve clinical results and reduce the need for restoration adjustments and remakes. Partner that benefit with lab expertise, material flexibility, and ease of use = increased profitability!
  8. Never retake/redo an impression TRIOS lets you edit your scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results are less than perfect. To recapture specific areas, simply delete the area from the scan and rescan only the relevant region. Easily remove areas scanned unintentionally, such as the patient’s chin or the dentist’s finger. Maintain continuous control during scanning with the Undo/Redo functions.
  9. PREFERRED BY PATIENTS! If you tell your patients what you will be able to provide them with a beautiful restoration to improve their health, function, and aesthetics WITHOUT putting that ‘goop’ in their mouths they will accept treatment and refer their friends! Digital impressions allow the patient to be more comfortable and relaxed during their treatment. This means the service you provide will be stress free and enjoyable resulting in and exceptional experience that they will share with everyone they know. WIN WIN
  10. Support
  • Multi tier support after the sale – 5 Levels of Suppory with call centre, clinical, and IT Support all in Canada!
  • CDA TRIOS training standard – you have to understand a conventional practice workflow before you can implement a digital one.
  • Dentist to Dentist Training Option and Advanced Training Available in Feb 2013

There are many many reasons why you should buy the 3Shape TRIOS. My question to you is why aren’t you emailing me or calling to find out for yourself just how amazing this state of the art ground breaking technology is. In office demonstrations are an option within our local area.

What are you waiting for?

If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535/ 250-575-1617 or email [email protected]

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