3Shape TRIOS: Chicago Midwinter Meeting

COPENHAGEN, Denmark–3Shape plans to present coming features in Dental System 2013 and the TRIOS digital-impression solution at two 2012 dental events in Chicago–LMT Lab Day and the Midwinter Meeting.

3Shape has developed new digital features and dedicated workflows designed to help labs and dentists while streamlining the cooperation between them. 3Shape plans to stage their new products at the following events:

Midwinter Meeting,  Feb. 23-25, 2012, McCormick Place, Chicago, Ill., Booth 1644

LMT Lab Day, Feb. 24-25, 2012, Chicago, Ill., Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Booth 714

3Shape’s coming Dental System 2013 Due for release later in 2012, Dental System 2013 represents a system for dental CAD/CAM. With the recent addition of new indications  and workflows, 3Shape’s Dental System is a CAD/CAM system that covers the major dental indications. Some of the coming features are:
* Denture Design, including the Gingiva Creation tool, transforms a widespread and technique-demanding dental indication into a fast digital workflow. * Implant planning and drill guides bring together implant planning, prosthetics, and drill guide design to open a new service that labs can offer to dentists. * The RealView Engine lets technicians visualize the complete oral situation in realistic shades while they work. * Post and Core allows users to design all layers in a single workflow, starting with the anatomy for optimally shaping the Post and Core components. * Secondary Telescopic Crowns enables technicians to meet clinical cases by designing primary and secondary constructions together. * Advanced implant cases, including fully-digital implant bridges, Integrated design of secondary bar framework, angled implant screw holes, and design of two-piece abutments as two customized parts.
Design and manufacture orthodontic appliances digitally 3Shape brings the market a CAD software solution for orthodontics that allows labs to provide orthodontic services.
“The new Appliance Designer is the first CAD program that digitally creates all types of orthodontic appliances,” said Henrik Vestermark, vice president of business development for North America.
“Appliance designs are made ready for manufacturing using 3D-driven machines and materials. Labs can now provide highly competitive night-guards, retainers, customized bands, splits, and more, by taking advantage of our CAD/CAM technologies.”
3Shape releases CAMbridge 2011 TRIOS impression-taking – strengthens professional lab-dentist relationships 3Shape also is slated to showcase the TRIOS digital-impression solution, including a range of new features. TRIOS enables dentists to rapidly capture an intraoral situation and send the 3-D model directly to the lab. Unlike many other scanners, 3Shape’s TRIOS does not require pre-spraying of the teeth. The system clinically validates the impression and includes flexible tools that allow dentists to edit their scans, and even “delete-and-rescan” specific areas where needed.
3Shape lectures and training sessions in Chicago 3Shape lectures will take place Feb. 25, 2012, at the Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Ballroom Level – Sheraton 3. Llectures and trainings are CE credited, and earn 1 credit per lecture.
* Tais Clausen, CTO & cofounder of 3Shape presents the “Latest trends & technology from 3Shape,” including 3Shape’s intraoral scanning and Dental CAD solution. * Rune Fisker, vice president of product management & strategy, presents “The future of digital dentistry for labs and dentists” and “Intraoral scanning – complete solution for dentists.”
Training sessions will take place every hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Hospitality Suite 836, Sheraton. Lucas Walter, dental lab consultant, and Carl Horrocks, instructor of 3Shape, will demonstrate the newest 3Shape Dental System software.
For more information, go to 3Shapedental.com.

Source: Dentistry IQ http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2012/02/3shape-trios.html

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