3Shape TRIOS & Communicate: Closing in on complete digital workflows between clinics and labs

3Shape TRIOS & Communicate:

Closing in on complete digital workflows between clinics and labs Once connected, the clinic and lab meet and interact through their mutual 3Shape Communicate™ Cloud.  In practical terms, this means that labs can provide their client dentists with high quality views of design results in 3D before the restoration is manufactured, and dentists can send their comments back to the lab. Labs can also use their Dental System™ software to create and send realistic before-after views of full smiles that dentists can show their patients. Both sides can continuously refer to the complete order history includingagreements between them.

Communicate™ from anywhere –  also without a 3Shape TRIOS™ Communication is not restricted to the office. Both lab technicians and dentists can conveniently use the Communicate™ web interface to access the 3Shape Communicate™ Cloud remotely using their Tablet PC or Laptop. This same Communicate™ web interface provides a communication solution for  Dentists who do not own a 3Shape TRIOS® system, but wish to enjoy the efficient contact and interaction with their lab.

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Source: 3Shape

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