3Shape Trios Dental Product Report Interview!


Well I am back from Toronto, Ontario Canada, where I had the pleasure of working along side some truly amazing and gifted people that this industry has to offer. As you may have read previously on my blog last week I was representing Kastle Mills along side Lee Cain, RDT and Kastle Mills 3Shape Certified Trainer as we joined the guys from DLA (Larry, Allan, and David) to present and introduce the 3Shape TRIOS for the first time in Canada! A lucky group of Dentists from the Greater Toronto area joined us as we reviewed the technology, benefits of digital impressions, and did some hands on scanning with the TRIOS live in action! It was a great evening and I was surrounded by wonderful people, thank you to Lee for being so helpful, knowledagable, and supporative, it was such a great experience working so closley with you!

So now I am back in Kelowna and gearing up for the 3Shape TRIOS second reveal this Thursday and Friday at the Thopmson Okanagan Dental Society 2012 convention and boy am I EXCITED! The team at Kastle Mills will be buzzing with enthausasiam for the next few days as we pull together and set up the most sleek and sophiscated exhbitors booth that you have ever seen, as we will have the 3Shape TRIOS there as the focal point complimenting our look!

This week I will be posting tid bits about our set up, what we will be offering, and perhaps a sneak peek at our booth set up …In the meantime please check out this wicked video that Lee Cain forwarded on to me this morning:

Dental Product Report Interview with Tais Clausen CTO & CFO of 3Shape demonstrating the 3Shape TRIOS and scanning himself! http://youtu.be/LkUqE-ZyrBI (click)


Just a few features and highlights of the TRIOS:

  • No Powder, No Spray
  • 3rd party interference – your lab is your choice! (Open Architecture)
  • Advanced Scanning Technology – 3000 2D images per second to create accurate 3D Image with up to 1000 3D images – not from interpolated artificial images/surfaces
  • Smart Tool Technology – the TRIOS highlights areas that you may have missed and prompts you to move forward. (also upload photos and attachments to the order form)
  • Custom Color Tool – an easy way to provide descriptive detail highlighting specific areas that showcases multi-tones and variations throughout the tooth structure for life like aesthetics
  • Automatic Heater Tip – no harsh cool air blowing casuing sensitivity to surrounding dentition
  • Autoclabalve and reusable scan tips
  • Sleek and sophisticated Design – will compliment any space
  • Light weight for comfort and maneuverability – ergonomically designed with you in mind
  • Simple Plug and Go set up
  • The Support after the sale – no one else offers as high level support based on knowledge, expertise, and care like Kastle Mills

Questions? Comments! Want to know information about Trios Pricing, want a quote??

Please call or email me:    1-877-527-8535   [email protected]

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