A Sample of the 3Shape TRIOS Future in 2013 The CAP FZ Screw Retained Full Arch Restoration

3Shape TRIOS Dentists just imagine what 2013 will bring with the digital impression taking

A new level of Aesthetics for Full Contour Zirconia















Although this case was driven from a stone model – these same scan body(s) can and are successfully used intraorally with the 3Shape TRIOS. (single abutments current state for most platforms)
This Screw Retained full arch is deployed using both conventional and digital CAM/CAM techniques from 3Shape Dental Designer.

If you are interested in such restorations we would be happy to connect you with a partner dental lab that offers this solution with their Roland DWX-50 Dental Mill.

CAP FZ Screw Retained Full Arch Restoration (from our friends at CAP) 

We have been working on a complete protocol for full arch screw retained full contour zirconia restorations.
This protocol includes all dental laboratory and clinical steps. As you can see we have come a long way and are now rolling it out.
The photos are of an actual case we recently completed using this process. The case is CAP FZ full contour zirconia except for the pink gum area.
As a result we are expecting long term success, as zirconia is virtually indestructible at 1100 MPa flexure strength. The process uses the CAP Complete system and includes a PMMA screw retained provisional designed in 3Shape. Followed with a final restoration that is milled in a Roland DWX50 5-axis mill using SUM 3D CAM, CAP milling strategies, and the highly esthetic CAP FZ zirconia. CAP NT Trading’s 2-CONnect abutments, titanium cylinders, and screws are used for connection to the implant.

http://www.cap-us.com/blog/2012/12/cap-fz-screw-retained-full-arch-restoration (Click) or go to www.cap-us.com

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