3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression System: What is the Benefit & Value?

3Shape Trios digital impression solution intraoral scanner kastle mills canada
The direct benefit and value regarding the TRIOS is quite simple. The 3Shape TRIOS is state of the art second generation digital impression technology. Not 6 year old or 11 year old technology like others on the market today. This solution is shaking up our industry with it’s sophisticated look, advanced technology, ease of use, and it’s remarkable scan speed.
The true benefit you have with the 3Shape TRIOS is how much value this digital impression scanner holds with the open architecture of the system. This is a fully integratable, scalable solution. The 3Shape TRIOS provides complete motion and positioning freedom while the large touch screen shows live visualization and real time data as you scan. You or your team member can easily scan, stop then continue on with your scan, edit scan data, or highlight and rescan areas rather than deleting and starting over when initial results show unwanted detail. There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will increase productivity, streamline workflows, and make any dental team more efficient.
When researching options it is important to keep in mind your future with whatever technology you purchase. If it is a closed system, like all of TRIOS competitors, it not only limits you today and tomorrow, but for always. The possibilities with the TRIOS are endless and the future of dentistry is at your finger tips.
  • No Click Fees, Case Fees, or Back End Fees to you or your Dental Lab
  • No Powder, No Spray
  • No 3rd party interference – your lab is your choice! (Open Architecture)
  • Advanced Scanning Technology – 3000 2D images per second to create accurate 3D Image with up to 1000 3D images – not from interpolated artificial images/surfaces
  • Smart Tool Technology – the TRIOS highlights areas that you may have missed and prompts you to move forward. (also upload photos and attachments to the order form)
  • Custom Color Tool – an easy way to provide descriptive detail highlighting specific areas that showcases multi-tones and variations throughout the tooth structure for life like aesthetics
  • Automatic Heater Tip – no harsh cool air blowing causing sensitivity to surrounding dentition
  • Autoclavable and reusable scan tips
  • Sleek and sophisticated Design – will compliment any space
  • Light weight for comfort and maneuverability – ergonomically designed with you in mind
  • Simple Plug and Go set up
  • The Support after the sale – no one else offers as high level support based on knowledge, expertise, and care like Kastle Mills

 Contact me today for a 3Shape TRIOS quote! TRIOS Orthodontic System release coming soon!

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