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I am on the road again with the 3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression Solution absolutely WOWING Dentists and Dental Teams throughout British Columbia! I have had nothing but great reviews, positive experiences, and a warm welcomes in the dental offices.  To see such excitement and eagerness from the team wanting to get their hands on it and scan the patients, then to see them do it with such ease is so rewarding! Dentists will have no issuse when it comes to integrating the 3Shape TRIOS into their offices because it is really that easy!

I am so thrilled to be part of this development with digital dentistry. 3Shape TRIOS is most definitely the front runner in the digital impression world with the open architecture and unlimited STL output. It is shaking our foundation of conventional dentistry as we know it. Gone are the days of lag times, pre-prompted scanning, large data files, and the use of chalky powder and sprays. The 3Shape TRIOS empowers the Dentist or team members to capture data ultrafast. 30-45 seconds for a quadrant once optimized workflow has been established! The ultrafast scan time isn’t the only bonus of this advanced technology! As you know the 3Shape TRIOS is direct to lab, clinical validation is instantaneous with the direct to lab approach and 3Shape Communicate.

As you know I can go on and on about the TRIOS but it’s time to find out for yourself!

I will be in Prince George and Vancouver in the upcoming weeks. Why not find out for yourself?!There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will increase productivity, streamline workflows, and make any dental team more efficient.

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If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, local demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

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Valerie Kastle Mills Corp TRIOS Expert


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