3Shape TRIOS: From Dental Clinic Direct to Dental Lab in 4 Easy Steps

The open architecture of the 3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression Solution empowers its users with streamlined workflows, efficiency, and productivity in 4 easy steps!

Here is how:

3Shape TRIOS Custom Color Tool


  1. The Order form: Gone are the days of prescription pads! The 3Shape TRIOS has a user friendly customized order form built right in for each case along with the custom color tool! You can upload photos, patient attachments, and take screen shots of your digital impression and send directly to the lab!
  2. The Digital Impression:  No more trying in impression trays, taking the opposing alginate or PVS, setting out the light body, heavy body, and bite reg material, extra syringe tips, and extra impression tray … running out of the op to get more impression material (You KNOW this happens!) The 3Shape TRIOS is a self contained unit. Capture the inMax and Mand in whatever order you wish, then the buccal bite reg and you’re done! Easy, fast, accurate!
  3. The Analysis: Preview your scan data, check the occlusal clearance/reduction guide, and mark your own margin if you want!
  4. Send to the lab! Yes that’s it … Order form is filled out, digital impression captured, scan data reviewed …. send away! Direct to the lab of your choice. Within minutes your lab tech can validate your digital impression, accept the case, design, and start the fabrication process turnkey!


I will be in Prince George and Vancouver in the upcoming weeks. Why not find out for yourself?!There is no doubt in my mind that this technology will increase productivity, streamline workflows, and make any dental team more efficient.

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If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, local demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

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Valerie Kastle Mills Corp TRIOS Expert


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