3Shape TRIOS – Efficient Tools = Increased Productivity $

Impression taking has never been easier!

The 3Shape TRIOS contains a broad array of smart tools that make it easier than ever before to manage cases, validate impressions, and work efficiently with the lab. TRIOS gives you full control and removes the stress-factor from impression taking.

Empower your clinic’s administrative workflows 

Use the TRIOS Client solution or selected practice-management systems for seamless 2-way data-exchange between TRIOS and your office administration. The TRIOS client solution provides access to all cases from any PC in the clinic. The administration team can prepare TRIOS orders from their desk. Load patient information from selected practice management systems and store scans directly in the patient record.

Intelligent and customizable order forms

A TRIOS® order form is a dynamic case-information tool that makes it fast and easy to create new orders, attach 2D images, and convey all case-aspects to the lab.
• Completely eliminate conventional paper order forms.
• Mark detailed tooth color information directly on an illustration of the tooth.
• Customizable Order Forms matched to a specific lab’s unique offerings

Smart Edit Scan Tools

Never redo an impression 3Shape TRIOS® – Efficient Tools TRIOS® lets you edit your scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial esults are less than perfect.
• To recapture specific areas, simply delete the area from the scan and rescan only the relevant region.
 • Easily remove areas scanned unintentionally, such as the patient’s chin or the dentist’s finger.
• Maintain continuous control during scanning with the Undo/Redo functions.
Key Features to remember about the TRIOS:
  • No Spray
  • No Powder
  • Digital impressions vs. conventional impressions = no comparison with regards to quality, accuracy, fit, marginal adaptation, and design
  • Digital Integration – open architecture system!
  • 3Shape CAD/CAM advanced technology – 3Shape is the WORLD’S BESTSELLING 3D CAD SYSTEM!  3000 2d images captured per second to create your 3D image – that is 100 times faster than video!
  • No click fees, case fees, or back end fees to you or your dental lab!
  • The list can goes on but the top priority as a dentist and as a busisness that should cross your mind that Kastle Mills offers is: the support AFTER the sale! No one else offers as high level support based on knowledge, expertise, and care like we do.



Questions, comments, more information, trios pricing and value adds from Kastle Mills, financing options? In Canada or US – looking for distributor information?

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