3Shape TRIOS: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Being on the road meeting with Dentists and their team members in clinic has led to a lot of interest and questions about the 3Shape TRIOS second generation digital impression solution. So I thought I would share a quick list of the most common FAQ’S I am asked on a daily basis.


Q: Spray-free

A: Yes. Scans tooth as well as metals without any contrast powder or spray!


Q: Does the tip fog up when scanning intraoral?

A: Of course just like any intraoral camera, but this can be fully addressed and managed by using dedicated pre-heating tip to heat the scan tip, ensure the oral cavity is isolated and dry as you would with any conventional impression, and using the common “inhale-through-mouth-exhale–through-nose” principle.


Q: What about scanning Blood and Saliva?

A: Retraction technique for proper tissue deflection and hemostasis is recommended to achieve any optimal impression. Using a soft/hard tissue laser, retraction cord, expasyl, or even a hemostatic agent like superoxoyl can assist in maintaining an ideal environment.

When it comes to saliva it is ideal to have a saliva ejector handy to avoid pooling. Both contaminants should be removed before and during scanning. Workflow is consistent when capturing a conventional or digital impression.


Q: Can you scan Sub-gingiva preparations?

A: Yes! Subgingival areas are fully scannable. Just expose the margin line/preparation as for conventional impression making (laser, cord, hemostatic agent -refer to above question please)


Q: Can you scan a complete arch and palatal area?

A: Yes! Completely possible ( indications are currently limited to max. 5-unit bridges)

3Shape Orthodontic Scanner being released soon!! Full palatal and vestibular scan ability!


Q: What about Scan speed?

A: Ultra Fast!  On average 3 – 8 minutes for complete case which includes  Upper/Lower/Bite scans. It really depends on the workflow experience and size of restoration(s).

Check out Youtube for scan video’s – You will be astonished at how fast the TRIOS captures data!The TRIOS is spray free and powder free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort. It has no click fee or case fee associated with the scan and offers ultrafast optical sectioning technology that allows over 3000 2D photos to be captured per second! 100 times FASTER than a video camera!


Q: What is the range of indications and materials?


  • Single crowns
  • 5 unit bridges
  • Implant scanning for customized abutments ( for various platforms, & in clinical evaluation, CB/CT Implant Planning software compatible (simplant)
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Study Models

ALL MATERIALS + Lab Flexibility and No 3rd party interference!


Q: Implant scanning? (fixture-level)

A: Fully supported.  Gingiva shape/emergence profile scan + Scan with scan body inserted


Q: Does the patient (or the scanner) have to be positioned horizontally?

A: No, TRIOS provides complete motion freedom for patient and dentist. It’s technology designed the way you work!


Q: Can the scan tips can be autoclaved?

A: Yes! The tips can be rotated 180 degrees for easy Upper/Lower scan


Q: How does TRIOS capture the Bite scan?

A: By an intraoral buccal scan, capturing the exact bite  (not by scanning impression/Index)


Q: Wireless connectivity?

A: Yes! (Wi-Fi)


Q: Battery operated

A: No, as our goal was to keep the TRIOS Light and maneuverable. TRIOS offers extremely fast boot-up (app. 30 sec), and recovery of ongoing scan data in case of a power outage.


Q: What is the File-Size/Transmission?

A: 2 – 10MB, transferred to the lab of your choice via FTP (To TRIOS Inbox/DS) (Within a matter of mintues!!)


Q: Can the screen be operated with gloves on?

A: Yes, and by the scan wand itself (wii functionality – rotate and move the digital image on the screed with the wand!)

The Screen can be cleaned using normal clinical disinfection materials.


Q: Wireless keyboard and Mouse?

A: Yes, by Bluetooth connectivity


Q: Interface to clinic/patient management software?

A: Yes interface protocol available. Requires integration.


Q: Interface to 3rd party CAD/CAM?
A: Yes, if 3Shape TRIOS Inbox is available (TRIOS Inbox is where the STL file is generated, if required) + the 3rd party system must be able to import STL.

If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535 or email [email protected]

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