3Shape Trios live case scan, clinical data, and photos

On Thursday September 27th, another live Trios scan was done with the 3Shape Trios 2nd generation digital impression solution. Dr. Brent C. leading us with his team assisting (Faye and Marni), along with myself  to capture all the fun!

Clinical details pertaining to this case:

Patient Name: Scott

Gender: Male









Pre-op Photos:

Lower arch

Upper Arch

Let the Preparations Begin!

Tooth: 34 Buccal class V direct composite, 35 DOBL direct composite, 36 indirect prep

Restoration Type:  36 3D Zircrown

Technology used: 3Shape Trios and Kavo Key 3 universal laser (erYAG) for tissue maintanence, tissue deflection, and hemostasis along with retraction cord size 00 and 1 placed.

The Kavo Key3 universal laser was also used for the prep of the 34 and 35 composite fillings. The ‘window’ tip on the laser is used for non-contact cutting to create the class V preps on the pre molars. The Fibre tip was used around the 36 for deflection, hemostasis, and inflammation control.

Dr. Brent C. first prepared and filled the 34 and 35 restorations prior to preparing tooth 36 for the indirect restoration 3d Zircrown. Pre-op photos were taken of Scott prior to any work being done. Facial photo, maxillary arch, mandibular arch, and bite, photos repeated post prep.

Dr. Brent C. took digital impressions with the trios-  maxillary arch acan in 1 minute and 24 seconds with 338 3D images captured, Mandibular arch scan in 2 minutes 15 seconds with 528 3D images captured, and a 16 second bite reg with 70 3D images captured. Pretty good for only his second time using the 3Shape Trios!


Dr. Brent C. prepping for the 36 3Shape Trios scan

Dr. Brent C usine Kavo key 3 erYAG - 3Shape Trios scan

The 3Shape Trios, not just a digital impression solution but an educational tool too!  Scott couldn’t help but try to catch a glimpse …

Keep checking back as I am back in clinic with Dr. Brent tomorrow for another live case! I will post updates and photos, and just a heads up that Scott’s insert will be on Friday October 5th, we are tring a model-less workflow!

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