3Shape TRIOS Digital Model Solutions for Restorative Dentistry and Orthodontics

We are very excited to announce the next generation crown and bridge digital dental model for the 3Shape TRIOS Impression Scanner

3Shape Trios Models from CAP

Today’s dental lab must execute with fast and consistent turnarounds for their digital dentists with a precision dental prosthetic driven for `digital’ model. Dental models remain the fundamental validation tool for all dentists and dental labs.

3Shape now provides the ideal solution for dental labs and their dentists as we transition to digital dentistry and digital impressions!

3Shape provides 3 fundamental solutions that is changing digital dentistry

  1. A seamless connection between the dentist (3Shape Trios) and the Dental Lab (3Shape Inbox) under 2 mins for the dental lab to receive and validate the digital impression `patient in chair’ – no 3rd party clinical validation
  2. The ability for the dental lab to easily and quickly validate the digital impression and create a digital model for their dentist. Control is essential as only that dental lab understands the expectations of that dentist and their preferences. Having design control for marking margins and virtually trimming the die is core to the relationship of a dental lab and their dentist. – no 3rd party model design
  3. Flexibility – the ability to manufacture a digital model inhouse with precision validation templates from 3Shape or send your model file to our centre and you will recieve the TRIOS model in your hands within 48hrs.  Fast, precise and consistent.3shape Trios Models from CAP

The new 3Shape Trios Models offer:

  1. Precision Accuracy specific to crown and bridge and abutment workflows
  2. An opacity that mimics stone models – matte finish
  3. the resiliency and feel of a stone model
  4. the model color that allows dental labs readability
  5. the precision and consistency from next generation printing solutions
  6. the manufacturing speed that allows for scabaility and meeting order times for fast consistent deliveries to customers across Canada.

3Shape TRIOS Models are `breaking the ground’ in digital dentistry! Watch for them at a dental lab near your soon or call us for a sample today!

3Shape Trios Models CAP


Deposits for pre-orders are now being accepted.

For TRIOS FAQ’s Click on me!

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If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, local demonstrations, or orthodontic questions.

Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535 (office) 1.250.575.1617 (direct) or email [email protected]

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