3Shape TRIOS and Orthodontics: 3D Models, Appliance Design, Hawley Retainers 48hrs

Ok now this is COOL!!!

On Saturday I was checking my smile out in the mirror and I couldn’t help but notice that my 22 (upper left lateral) is starting to flare out ( I was horrified!)

So I did what anyone would do with a 3Shape TRIOS in their home office… I scanned my mouth! Maxillary scan with full palatal coverage, Mandibular scan, and Bite Reg. No powder no spray! Ultra fast and easy to do. Digital Impressions are at a whole new level with the TRIOS. This new user friendly solution, speed and accuracy come second to none!

On Monday morning I called my director and asked if I could send a case in for model fabrication and a hawley retainer to keep my smile from changing, he said not a problem. This case was submitted Monday morning (direct to the lab) at 10am and look at what I had this morning in my office at 11am !

3Shape TRIOS Orthodontic system impressions retainers kastle mills corp



You have to admit the days of digital dentistry are quite promising when you get returns like this in 48hrs!!

3D Digital Models  along with Max and Mand Hawley Retainers



3Shape TRIOS Orthodontic system impressions retainers kastle mills corp



My Maxillary Hawley Retainer – the guys made just for me! Perfect Fit and no adjustments required.




3Shape TRIOS Orthodontic system impressions retainers kastle mills corp



My Mandibular Hawley Retainer. Digital Dentists … what are you waiting for?

Can’t get turnarounds like that with a conventional impression!



Check out my 3D Model on Youtube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUrv5i7X-Bs&feature=youtu.be  (click)


Valerie 3Shape Trios Appliance Retainer Orthodontics Kastle Mills Corp

Check that smile out!

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