ArgenZ Esthetic Higher Translucency Zirconia Discs

Order 10 ArgenZ Zi Discs and Get 2 Discs Free!

ArgenZ Esthetic                                            

Higher Translucency Zi Milling Discs – It’s all you need!

ArgenZ provides these material benefits:

  • Higher Translucency (HT) Zi for Stunning Full Contour Zi Esthetic Crowns
  • High Flexural Strength (HS) over 1100Mpa for Zi Substructures
  • Best machinability due to the homogenous Zi microstructure
  • One Zi disc for all indications  – It’s all you need!

ArgenZ provides these economic benefits: 

  • Lower cost per unit compared to other premium Zi discs (buy direct and save $)
  • Reduce warehousing costs on discs (one disc is all you need for all indications)
  • Free Overnight Air Shipping on all discs (no min order quantity)
  • Volume Discounts and Access to other ARGEN bundle programs

ArgenZ provides these dental technician benefits: 

  • Provides natural transitional colour, opalescence and translucency – Ideal for FC Zi and Layered Zi indications
  • Ideal base for your artistry, the natural tooth shade profile will save you labour and provide stunning esthetics
  • Learning curve is simple and consistent – even a junior technician can be a shade expert (same day learning curve)
  • Argen guidance provides a complete system for shade, post production and sintering to the final prosthetic

ARGEN benefits for dental labs across Canada: The Pursuit of Uncompromising Quality!

  • A Zi disc engineered with a complete guidance system for dental labs (the Zi disc with access to our support centre)
  • Access to the Argen Z product guidance specialists (the Zi disc that offers complete guidance support)
  • ARGEN = Quality  Health Canada Medical Device and ISO
  • A brand you can trust and have confidence in! Experts in Zi milling, shading and empowering dental labs.

It’s what Canadian Dental Lab Owners are moving to! ARGEN Z Esthetic HT Zirconia Discs. 

Contact your Argen Canada Sales Specialist Today 1-604-575-9669 or  1-866-722-7436 

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