Bite Reg in 6 seconds and Smart Edit Scan Tools with 3Shape Trios


3Shape Trios’ built-in tools for Clinical Validation will ensure the high

quality of the impression and your tooth preparation while the

patient is still in the chair.

• Occlusal Clearance tool measures distance to ensure

adequate space for the particular restoration.

• Insertion Direction tools controls prepared teeth for convergence/divergence

• Rotate and zoom to validate impression quality and add 3Dcomments for the lab

Smart Edit Scan Tools – never redo an impression

3Shape Trios lets you edit your scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results are less than perfect.

To recapture specific areas, simply delete the area from the scan

and rescan only the relevant region.

• Easily remove areas scanned unintentionally, such as the

patient’s chin or the dentist’s finger.

• Maintain continuous control during scanning with the

Undo/Redo functions.

Can you take a bite reg in 6 sceconds?

 With the 3Shape Trios you can take a bite reg in 6 seconds … Thats my best time so far but I’m sure it could be even less than 6 seconds!






It’s not just about impression-taking. TRIOS® digitizes time-consuming manual steps and realizes a full digital workflow – starting from the patient’s visit in the clinic, and ending with the patient’s completed treatment.




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