Looking for a total solution? I’m in Calgary and Red Deer with the 3Shape TRIOS!

On the road again. I will be in Calgary and Red Deer throughout this week, January 14th – 18th. If you are interested in an in office hands on experience with the 3Shape Trios call me directly! 1.250.575.1617

Interested in making your daily tasks around the office easier?

Interested in saving money?

Want your patients to spend less time in the dental chair, have a better experience, and refer friends and family members to you?

Are you wanting more capability that empowers possibility that turns into profitability?

Have you researched 3D intraoral scanners with in house milling machines to be let down and disappointed by the time consuming workflow, unpleasant sprays and powders, the ridiculous stock of consumables- ingots in every shade and material, stain, glaze, paste and putty, instruments, and crystallization trays? What about the valuable office space this equipment occupies? It’s often quite difficult to find storage space for sundries and supplies in most office’s let alone equipment. Where will the scanner be kept? Where can you station the mill? What about the furnace and all the stain and glaze? Compressed air line/Water line needed? Does that mean a customized installation? Do I need natural light for the stain and glaze station? Are you shocked by the cost? ($ 100,000.00+)

Have you looked at other offerings out there that are just digital impression taking devices and hear of them to be frustrating with their closed proprietary and controlled processes? Lack of support, old out of date technology and operating platforms, spray, powder, prompted scan taking up valuable time, click fees and case fees adding up and cost you a fortune, and 3rd party workflow’s associated with proprietary systems can delay the case causing conflict with your schedule … you all know how much your administrator loves a conflicting schedule!!!

Now what if I told you I had the solution, that there is something faster, easier, better; no spray, no powder, no 3rd party interference…direct communication with your lab!

A 2nd generation state of the art digital impression scanner. Dentists world wide are RAVING about it.

3Shape TRIOS.

3shape trios digital scanner

This solution is shaking up our industry with it’s sophisticated look, advanced technology, ease of use, and it’s remarkable scan speed. The TRIOS is spray free and powder free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort. It has no click fee or case fee associated with the scan and offers ultrafast optical sectioning technology that allows over 3000 2D photos to be captured per second! 100 times FASTER than a video camera! You may also keep sending cases to your dental lab of choice. Nothing on the market comes close to the TRIOS!

The 3Shape TRIOS is going on tour: Date’s have been released for British Columbia and Alberta in a city near you. If you are tired of running behind with your crown and bridge, tired of having to take multiple impressions for restorative, implants, and orthodontics, looking to save time and increase productivity (MAKE MORE MONEY), looking for something that IS faster, easier, and better, then you need to call me – 250.575.1617


Because you do NOT want to miss out on this! This free information session or in office demo will allow you to discover the future of dentistry, see it, hear it, use it- it’s all about the experience and getting hands on!

The direct benefit and value regarding the TRIOS is quite simple … True Open Architecture = Direct communication to your Dental Lab of choice! TRIOS is the only truly open system on the market today making TRIOS a fully integratable, scalable, future proof solution. You send the cases DIRECTLY to the dental lab of choice, your choice NO 3rd party interferences.

If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, pricing, trios availability, training information, upcoming  events or local demonstrations throughout Canada, or orthodontic questions.

Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535, directly at 1-250-575-1617, or by email [email protected]

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Valerie Kastle Mills Corp TRIOS Expert


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