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Argen Canada is now the Canadian Distributor for Envisiontec 3D Printing systems. 

The NEW EnvisionTEC Micro Printer is now available from Argen Canada `Complete’

The purpose of our relationship is to enable dental lab owners with the `easy to use’ automation of three dimensional wax based crowns, copings, bridges and partials through a patented Spatial Light Modulation (SLM). Sounds Complicated – it’s not. It’s actually, very easy, very fast and very inexpensive to produce automated e.max press, FGC’s or even PFM’s with unmatched productivity. In order for Argen Canada to enable dental lab onwers with `printing capability’ it had to be user friendly and ultra reliable, EnvisionTEC provides this solution for us and for 1000’s of centre’s across the world.

The Argen Canada automated digital workflow coupled with the $45,000.00 investment of the EnivisionTEC PixCera will enable maximum productivity and rapid ROI (return on investment). The Envisiontec PrixCera can produce up to 40 anatomical wax copings or crown units in less than 3 hours at incredible `high fidelity’ resolution using a wax based polymer system the envisionTEC WIC300. The Perfactory DDP can produce the parts with a incredible marginal adaptation consistently.

It’s Simple! You design your CAD dental indication, Export to CAM Software, Spru and Print! Very limited dental IQ is required to complete the complete process!


Need more? Scale up to the Envisiontec Perfactory Digital Dental Printer (Perfactory DDP) can produce up to 65 anatomical wax copings or crown units in less than two hours at incredible `high fidelity’ resolution using a wax based polymer system the envisionTEC WIC300. The Perfactory DDP can produce the parts with a incredible marginal adaptation consistently.

A choice of materials is available depending on your needs:

  • WIC 300 is a high speed investment casting resin designed for the Dental Industry allowing a fast one hour burn out cycle.
  • RCP 30 / RC 31 are ceramic filled photopolymer materials designed for dental models.
  • e-dent 100 is a light curing material especially designed for producing individual long term temporary restorations available in three shades (A1, A2, A3).

Extreme Reliability:

  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components guarantee a strong and reliable system.
  • Minimized components make the system user serviceable.
  • Post-processing is clean and simple due to near 100 % photo cure during the building process.
  • Fully cured models are chemically safe.
  • Low acquisition cost, good cost, performance ratio.
  • Production cycle 2-4h/batch.
  • Smooth surfaces.
  • Simple handling (“one button” solutions).
  • On-site RM adapted for local production demands.

From single installations to large custom footprints Argen Canada has a 3D printing solutions for you!

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