Argen Digital Alloy Solutions

This new advanced CAPTEK™ material deploys the latest in Nano technologies

  • Captek™ Nano Digital Substructures are crowns that mimic and surpass natural teeth in esthetic and function.
  • The basis for Captek™ esthetics is duplicating the color of the inner structures of a natural tooth, the pulp and dentin.
  • Captek™ structural basis is a strong, shock absorbing and biocompatible internal structure for dental crowns.
  • A unique advanced nano technology of gold composites provides the desired color background as well as a complex mechanism that protects natural teeth and implants, and not less importantly – the porcelain.
  • The gold composite is a highly biocompatible material 84% Gold 5.3% platinum 7.2% palladium with no base metal and oxides.

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