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ARGEN Z Esthetic High Translucency Zi FC Crowns and Substructures

ARGEN Ceramic Engineers have developed a unique zirconia and homogenous ‘3 step’ shade technique that provide beautiful ‘life like’ FC Zi Crowns. ARGEN Z Esthetic High Translucency Zi Indications boast 16 natural transitional shades creating the ideal base for your artistry. All ARGEN Z Indications are created from ‘high definition’ milling strategies providing dental labs and their dentists noticeably improved anatomy and form. At 1100Mpa ARGEN Z Esthetic HT Zi Crowns have a 15yr Warranty,  ARGEN Z Esthetic HT Zi Substructures have a 5yr Warranty Health Canada Approved.

3M Lava PLUS™

Beautifully durable and translucent 3M Lava PLUS™ Full Contour Zirconia Crowns and Zirconia Substructures. The Lava™ Plus system gives you accurate and reliable shade results without compromise. 3M Lava Plus™ has a 15 year warranty and is Health Canada Approved.

3M Lava Ultimate™ RNC Crowns

Lava Ultimate is formulated from a blend of approximately 80% nanoceramic particles embedded in a highly-cured 20% resin based matrix using a 3M proprietary manufacturing process.
This material mimics natural tooth dentition and wear characteristics with high flexural strength and fracture toughness. Ideal indications over abutments, for inlays/onlays and full contour crowns. 3M Lava Ultimate™ has a 10 year warranty and is Health Canada Approved.

3M Lava™ Zirconia

3M Lava offers an industry leading marginal fit and yields high strength at over 1300Mpa. The shading system offering homogenous substructures and great overall restorative aesthetics.
High stability and great biocopatiblity is what you will achieve with this Zirconia. 3M Lava™ Zirconia has a 15 year warranty and is Health Canada Approved.

IPS E.max CAD up to 360 Mpa (High Definition)

Now we offer High Definition single-tooth crowns and Inlay/Onlay indications from IPS e.max CAD from your design file. Ideal for shoulder preps and model and model-less crown workflows for your dentists. Innovative lithium disilicate glass ceramic is offered in 2 translucency levels for CAD. We offer a 5year warranty and all e.max CAD indications are Health Canada Approved

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