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New to the digital dentistry world?  Kastle Mills can help you.. we will educate and infrom you and your team about all Intraoral Scanners! Digital Technology and integration is what we’re about. Kastle Mills will assess your current workflow, your style of practicing techniques, take into consideration what materials you like to work with, and the endresult/outcome that you want to achieve… we will match you with a digital intraoral scanner that will suit all of your needs. Integration will be flawless as we train in house, develop a consistent, accurate workflow with the digital technology, and offer continued support.

Been at it for a while but don’t want to mill inhouse?  Dentisits with the Cerec (AC or redcam), E4D, now have the ability to outsource when laboratory involvement is required (for example with multiple unit cases, two appointment cases, when an alternative material is required like Lava, e.max press, FGC, PFM’s or simply for additional assistance and experties.)

Have an iTero or Lava C.O.S?  You can even send us cases too!

Kastle Mills offers unparalleled support and a turnkey solution along with design videos for dentist and patient approval on every case. So for the Dentist that loves the ability to scan intraorally to reduce distortion and deliver an overall better product, and for the dentist that does not like to mill in house restorations- the ability to send chairside to the laboratory, for us to  design, mill, characterize the restorations as requested for you is a simple solution to utilizing your digital intraoral technology.








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