TEC Program

A program for dentists to encourage  the enhancement of technology utilized in their practice. 

How it works

Accumulate credits on each unit sent to Kastle Mills.  The dollar amount of the credit is dependent on the product but most importantly by the method the product is sent (i.e. digital or by impression).

Impression – intended use of proceeds is to encourage the move to an intraoral scanner, lowest credit

Digital – file comes from a COS, ITERO, E4D etc…, medium size credit

(note we may decide on 4 levels, i.e. adding digital and modeless)

Trios – modeless and using the most advanced technology, largest credit

You receive your cheque in the mail from Kastle Mills the month following a calendar quarter

(April, for January to March cases, July for April to June cases etc…).


  • Payment must be made within 30 days of statement date to qualify
  • Dentist must be an active customer at the credit date
  • Prices or credits may be subject to change


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