Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted on 3Shape’s TRIOS scanner

After owning her own Denmark practice for 21 years, Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted joined a large medical practice situated in a health care building in Denmark. The complex includes 26 medical doctors, general practices, 12 physicians, chiropractors, a wide range of specialists, and her dental practice with 3 dentists, 2 hygienists and other staff.

With a special interest in implants and cosmetics, Dr. Skibsted is always looking to learn about new techniques and new technologies.

Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted 3Shape TRIOS


When did you first learn about the 3Shape TRIOS scanner?

I am very interested in new technology, and when I heard about the possibility to make crowns and veneers and bridges without conventional impressions I started to investigate in the market. I looked at several scanners and finally made my decision. The TRIOS scanner fulfilled all my expectations. I made the decision that it would not be effective for my practice to do crowns in-house. I calculated my cost-benefit, and decided not to have a mini-lab in my practice.

I have used the TRIOS scanner since January 2012  and have made more than 200 cases. I find it very easy to use and from the very first day I’ve used it on every case. It did not take me any more time than a conventional impression from start, and after doing about 20 cases it became a time-saver. The scanning time for a single unit case is less than 2 minutes and less for the antagonist.

What are some benefits this scanner provides to clinicians and patients?

It is very easy to use. You do not have to apply scanning powder, and if the scan is not perfectly correct, you just erase the part you want to rescan on the screen with your finger, and re-scan the small area. It automatically inserts the new scan in correct position, which is amazing.

You never have to start from the beginning again. For complex cases it is a huge advantage. It is possible to scan 2 or 3 teeth at first, and then dry the next section, scan again and so on, until every tooth stands perfectly on the screen. This is an easy way to make a perfect result.

My lab tech is very happy working with the 3Shape TRIOS. He makes e.max single crowns without models, and for more complex cases, he’ll make a model first. We have not had any returns to the lab because of a poor fit. It is very precise.

The patients are very satisfied, as they do not like impression material. They are impressed by the new technology.

Would you recommend TRIOS to a colleague and why?

I would recommend the TRIOS scanner to my colleagues who want to move forward in digital dentistry. It is easy and it is fun to work with the newest technologies. It moves your practice one level up. Also, your patients will love it. And it is convenient for you to show your patients the procedures on the screen. Most patients like good information, and it is easy for them to imagine that this will be more accurate than conventional impressions.

Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted TRIOS

Dr. Lisbeth Skibsted 3Shape’s TRIOS scanner. Practicing since 1988
One clinician’s take on incorporating 3Shape’s TRIOS scanner into her practice’s everyday routine.
Written by: Stan Goff
3Shape’s TRIOS scanner.
Date published: 01/21/2013
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