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DSM Plaster model to Digital Study Model Conversion Packages – It’s Turnkey!

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  • Our team will arrange for a pick up from your location, let us handle the logistics!
  • Our team will provide and install remote viewing and or analysis software for you
  • Our team of dental experts will scan in your plaster models and articulate the bite
  • Our disposal team will arrange the secure disposal according to BCSO, CAO and the CDSBC or arrange logistics back to your practice if desired.
  • Load Models from your secure dental Kloud™ at anytime for simple analysis or viewing and print as desired.

If you are interested in an Intraoral Scanner to continue the digitization of your models at your practice, we offer simple cost effective integration from our team of dental experts. Call us for more details.

DSM Digital Study Model Solutions for Clinicians

Plaster model to Digital Study Model Conversions with Secure Data Storage for:

  • Physical Impression
  • Plaster Stone Study Models

DSM Experts in the field of digital scanning, Kastle Mills has developed with clinicians the solution for:

  • Precision digitization of your physical study models or impressions
  • Secure data storage for your digital study models, plus our Kloud™ based secure redundancy program for clinicians
  • Access 24hrs a day with our easy to use, ground breaking ortho analysis software (included at no charge)
  • Viewing software can also be accessed anytime, from almost anywhere from almost any device (iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet, MAC and PC)
  • Ultra High Accuracy Digital Model Printing of your digital files with our white model material that looks and feels like your own Ortho study models.

DSM PLUS Digital Intraoral Scanner Data Scan Set Up,

Basing and Precision Accuracy Model Printing



  • 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral scanner
  • 3Shape TRIOS Orthodontics scanner
  • Cadent Itero Intraoral scanner
  • Cadent OrthoCAD iOC scanner
  • 3M Lava C.O.S and 3M True Definition Scanner

DSM PLUS Digital Model Solutions PLUS Virtual Patient Treatment Tools – Online Video Communication Tool is available for each case is included

Virtual Diagnostic Study Models for Dentists and Orthodontists for treatment planning or orthodontic appliances – Have Patients on the Fence? Before and After Demonstrate your patients ‘Future Smile’ with our simple to use video tools that you can stream right from your iPad in clinic! We can even print the virtual diagnostic model to use for your matrix and have the virtual temps milled and sent before you even prep the patient!

Digital Ortho Appliance Builder for printed and milled orthodontic appliances

Digital file conversions for DICOM data transfer into 3rd party software for treatment planning


Orthodontist to Orthodontist ‘Peer to Peer’ Ortho Core software powered by the world’s most powerful 3D scanning software Rapidform XOS. There are no limits to what you can create with the Vultus Core software. Use it for indexing, diagnosis, treatment planning, appliance design and fabrication. Designed for Orthodontists for Orthodontists. Import directly from your Intraoral Scanner or Open 3D scanner.

Service Pricing

We use EnvisionTEC Ultra2 3D Dental Printers for precision, high definition model reproductions from 15 µm

Our new HTM140IV Ivory/White Printed Model Material is engineered to mimic the properties of Gypsum or Stone. Call us for a Sample Today!


Full Finish 3D Model $40.00
Rough Finish 3D Model $25.00
IOS Set up and Basing $10.00
CAD Bite Appliance $TBA
Virtual Diagnostic Model $TBA
Virtual Temporary $TBA
Treatment Video Tool $TBA
DSM Indexing Services Call for assessment


3Shape R700™ Ortho Scanner for Orthodontists and Dentists

About R700™ Orthodontic 3D Scanner

Faster, Easier…Better!

The R700™ is optimized for scanning dental impressions, in silicone or alginate, and plaster casts directly at the orthodontist’s practice the system supports the standard STL file format so your study models remain yours, and can be manufactured on any compatible rapid prototyping equipment.

  • Obtaining the right occlusion
  • Empowers orthodontic workflows
  • Unique 2-camera and 3-axis motion system
  • Virtual base creation

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