Features in the new 3Shape Dental System™ 2013

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Features in the new Dental System™ 2013 include:

  • New user interface for maximum ease-of-use and simplified design workflows
    A new intuitive workflow progress bar guides users through each design step. The new interface introduces an impressive full Screen design window that maximizes 3D design space.
  • Advanced implant bridges with gingiva (“Prettau style”)
    Design advanced bridges – complete with gingiva, teeth, and implant interfaces in a single smooth workflow. Designs can be milled directly in Zirconia, titanium, PMMA, or other materials.
  • New Post and Core design software
    Completely new Post and Core solution with unique scanning and design workflows. Specially designed scan-posts capture post positions and depth from the model. All layers are designed in a single workflow – starting with the anatomy layer first. Uses scans from both TRIOS® and 3Shape desktop scanners.
  • New Abutment Designer™ workflow for screw-retained crowns and anatomical abutments
    3Shape introduces a new workflow for designing screw-retained restorations in Abutment Designer™. All types of abutments – Standard customized abutments, screw-retained Crowns and anatomical abutments – are selected directly in the order form, followed by the new ‘Anatomy-First’ workflow.
  • Ground-breaking Digital Denture Design
    3Shape’s new Denture Design™ software brings digital precision and efficiency to a traditionally technique demanding process. Technicians use 3Shape’s Smile Composer™ and a unique Gingiva Creation Tool to efficiently model highly esthetic and functional dentures.
  • TRIOS® Inbox – labs can connect to any openTRIOS® digital impression system in the world
    The new TRIOS® Inbox enables labs to receive scans from TRIOS® Digital Impression Systems in dental clinics and discuss cases with dentists online. Incoming cases are accepted or rejected with a single click and a notification is immediately sent back to the dentist.

Contact information:

3Shape A/S Headquarters or Kastle Mills in Canada


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