Get to know the Future of Dentistry: 3Shape & TRIOS

Did you know that 3Shape has a reputation for industry-changing technology? Ever wonder how this reputation was attained and why 3Shape is the best selling 3D CAD System for Dental Laboratories world wide? Want to know why the growth into intraoral scanning solutions for use in Dental Clinics was such an easy and natural tranisition for 3Shape and why TRIOS is one piece of technology that dental clinics should have in office?  Well you are in luck! Keep reading below and get to know the Future of Dentistry: 3Shape TRIOS is here and a world of potential is at your finger tips!

3Shape has a reputation for industry-changing technology. How do you achieve this?

3Shape was founded on innovation and that remains the key driver of their growth. 3Shape continuously invests in innovation by gathering the best 3D software and hardware development experts. Today, 3Shape employ’s over 300 people; offices are located world wide with 3Shape Technology being used in over 80 Countries!  With more than 130 software and hardware developers engaged in digital dental solutions along with experienced dental technicians and dentists, 3Shape maintains close cooperation with dental professionals around the world where new ideas are born and solutions are evaluated with real clinical cases.

Why was growth into intraoral scanning solutions for  Dental Clinics a natural transition for 3Shape? 

3Shape is among the top technology leaders in CAD/CAM for dental labs and their dedication to digital dentistry is unlimited. 3Shape applied their innovation, power, and vast expertise within scanner technology, mechanics, optics, and software, plus our knowledge of the industry in general to create a digital impression solution that gives dentists better impressions through fast and easy workflows and new ways to enhance their business success. 3Shape believes that digital technologies can embrace the total professional scope of modern dentistry – and naturally, this starts with patients in clinics.

How is TRIOS® different from other digital impression systems on the market?

TRIOS® is spray-and-powder-free for optimal accuracy and patient comfort. The scanner provides complete motion and positioning freedom and the large touch screen shows live visualization as you scan. The dentist can edit scans and easily rescan specific areas instead of starting over when initial results show unwanted details such as scanned blood.

What do you think have been the biggest hurdles to more general dentists embracing intraoral scanning and how does TRIOS® make those easier to overcome?

Some worry about the time and effort required to integrate new technology in the clinic. TRIOS® is very easy to learn to use. We have heard a number of dentists say that their assistants can scan just as well as they can after only brief instructions. Most dentists don’t just want a scanner, but new workflows that truly open new ways to improve efficiency in the clinic. Unlike many other digital impression systems, labs can receive TRIOS® impressions minutes after scanning and immediately start designing the model and restoration. TRIOS® contains tools supporting the full workflow, including efficient communication with the lab and exchange of case data in 3D.

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