Holiday Spirit

I have had quite the week of unfortunate circumstances with remarkable outcomes that really make me feel that the spirit of the season really does exist! One in particular happened on Wednesday as I was traveling from the Kootenay Region of British Columbia back to the Okanagan Valley. I got a flat! It couldn’t have happened in a worse location, on an “S” turn along the lake, not an ideal situation but what do you do. Called CAA they said a truck can be out to change my tire within an hour to an hour an a half…. eeek! I thanked the operator for her time and said I’m pretty sure I can do it myself within 30minutes and where I’m stopped I don’t exactly want to be waiting long.

Val's Flat Tire

SO … out comes my 3Shape TRIOS, my luggage, my safety kit, and everything else I had in the back of my vehicle. Open up the compartment, get out my jack, struggle with my spare tire and kick it out of the back …everything accounted for, I AM READY!

It’s funny being a woman ‘stranded’ so to speak, lots of people slowed down to look, honk and wave as the smile and drive on by but no one looked the least bit concerned or stopped to help. So I set up my jack, jack up my driver’s side front end, take off my lug-nuts, and try my hardest to take my tire off the hub … wouldn’t budge … gave it a few kicks and still wouldn’t budge!

As I’m kicking my tire trying to loosen it off the hub and trying not to lose it this beautiful white Audi A4 drives past, brakes, pulls a U Turn and stops. YAY! A wonderful man named Kelly comes to my rescue. He laughed, gave the tire a good kick, got it off my hub, swapped it out and put my spare back on and I was good to go! Not only did Kelly make my day, he also made me more aware of others. Kelly didn’t want anything for his time, he just smiled and shook my hand gave me a hug and told me to have a wonderful day.

Now luckily for Kelly during our conversation as he was putting on my spare I was able to find out where he works. Kelly is a foreman at a local lumber mill, Kelly loves to dirt bike, snowboard, and hang out with his friends. And Kelly should be receiving a very nice thank you package at work for taking the time to be aware, be present, and notice his surroundings. To show concern and take time out of his day to stop and help a stranger. I myself will be paying this forward.

Over the Holiday season please take time, be aware not only of your surroundings but of yourself, stay grounded, and pay it forward. Pick up a tab, buy a coffee, give a smile or a hug, let someone pass you or go ahead in line, whatever you do please do it with gratitude, awareness, and peace…a smile wouldn’t hurt either.

Happy Holidays Everyone!





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