Images from case 2 of 2 scanned with 3Shape TRIOS and fabricated with a model-less workflow

Case Two: 3Shape Trios Model-less Workflow Validation

(Note we also processed precision Trios Digital Models for this case as part of the regular dentist workflow)





Tooth # 36

Shade:  A2 – Patient will be whitening post treament




e. Max Press & ZirCules  Crowns- both tried in prior to cememtation and both done completey model-less

Restoration on Right of photos: e.Max Press    Restoration on Left of photos: ZirCules


Insert process:

Both units tried in prior to.

Both the e.Max Press and ZirCules had snug interproximal contacts. Dr. Brent C took an extra fine diamond finishing bur and lightly feathered the 35 distal and 37 mesial contacts.

The ZirCules Crown had perfect margins once seated, retention was good, the contacts were nice and snug made a nice snap with the floss, the occlusion was flawless – positive contact throughout and no adjusments required.

The e.Max Press had a slight over extension on the buccal margin, occlusion was slightly off, interproximal contacts good but slightly adjusted as noted above. This could very well be related to the fabrication process due to the conventional pressing method with expansion and contraction of the pressed ceramic there is a variable here that can definiley alter the fit of the restoration. Unlike the ZirCules which is a complete digitized process.


ZirCules margins were perfect! Dr. Brent C. simply put it as ‘ Best margins I have ever seen from a digital scanner! –  He was excited about he 3Shape TRIOS and the ability to have multiple workflows one being model-less

This case was scanned on the afternoon of October 2nd at 1pm, received by the lab in 2 minutes and 45 seconds, designed on 3Shape , milled on Roland DWX 50 5 Axis ( wax for e.Max burn and Zirconia for ZirCules), burned and pressed for e.Max process, sintered, stained, glazed, then shipped from Saskatchewan. 

This case was then inserted the morning of October 5th at 9am … turnaround times like never before!



  Simply AMAZING!


Check back for Dr. Brent C.’s thoughts on Digital Dentistry, 3Shape TRIOS, and the various digital workflows modelless and models. Also thoughts from our great patients Scott and Crystal!





The 3Shape TRIOS is now available on the Canadian and US Market. Contact me if you would like to

know more or be referred to a distributor for all my American followers!

[email protected]



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