Insert of indriect restorations scanned with 3Shape Trios – First in CANADA!

Throughout the last week Dr. Brent C. and his team scanned 2 cases with the 3Shape Trios. On Friday October 4th we were in clinic seating the restorations made for the 2 cases. From each scan we requested 2 crowns to be made; one from full contour monolithic Zirconia (ZirCules) and the other from e.Max Press. Due to the nature of both being a non layered product Dr. Brent C. opted out of the model fabrication process as they are not necessary.

Here is the clinical data pertaining to the case for Crystal H. a model-less workflow

Tooth # 36

Both restorations were tried in to check contacts, occlusion, and marginal fit. Both the e.Max Press and ZirCules had a snug interproximal fit; a light feathering approach on the interproximal contacts was done with an extra fine diamond bur to lighten up the contact.

ZirCules – a complete automated process, scanned digitally with the 3Shape TRIOS, designed digitally on the 3Shape D700, and milled with the Roland DWX 50 5 Axis mill. This restoration arrived at the lab in 2 minutes 45.5 seconds after the scan was sent. Witin 25 minutes it had been designed and in the mill for fabrication, it was sintered over night and shipped out the next morning!

The ZirCules restoration was prefect! The contacts were snug, the occlusion was ideal and no adjustment was required, and the marginal fit was precise, the explorer just glided over the margin onto the natural tooth surface.

e.Max Press -a digital/conventional hybrid if you will . This restoration was made using the same scan from the 3Shape TRIOS and the same design that was done on the 3Shape D700, however once designed a wax pattern was milled on the Roland DWX 50 5 Axis, invested, then burned for the ingot to be pressed. Due to the press process e.Max Press is not a completely digitized and introduces a few variables that can affect the fit of a restoration when compared to a monothlic restoration like full contour zirconia which is not a pressable material.

The e.Max press had ideal contacts however the marginal fit lacked as there was an over extension on the buccal margin and the occlusion was high. Due to this Dr. Brent opted to insert the ZirCules over the e.Max Press. ZirCules was inserted on the 36 using Relyx Unicem2 TR. Prior to insertion the restoration and the prep was cleansed with pumice and alcohol pellet to avoid contamination and ensure a strong cememtation.

More photos to follow on Tuesday October 9th …



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