Interested in integrating an IOS in your office; Have you researched all options: The 3Shape TRIOS

Are you interested in integrating an IOS in your office?

Ready to have complete access to Dental Lab’s, Products, Materials, Services, and Turn Around times like never before?  

Have you reasearched all IOS options that are available to you in order to make the right decision?



Here are a few things you should know about the 3Shape TRIOS: Why TRIOS sets the bar for Digital Impression Solutions and why 3Shape and Kastle Mills by Argen Canada do it best!


  1. Open Architecture and Direct  Link to the Dental Lab of your Choice! With open architecture being the foundation of all 3Shape Technology Dentists and Dental Labs have access like never before. Directly export your digital scan from your TRIOS into Planmeca – Romexis, Materialise Simplant, and DDX! Streamlined integration with Ortho Analyzer, OrthoTrac, and Dolphin for Orthodontic Imaging and Treatment Planning.
  2. Speed! Faster. Easier. Better is all within the technology you integrate. The TRIOS is the fastest IOS our industry has seen to date! With a Quadrant Scan in 30-35 seconds, Full arch scan  60-75 seconds, and Bite Reg 6-10 seconds! Digital Impression taking from start to finish is within minutes! With optimized training from Kastle Mills by Argen Canada we can empower you and your team to maximize production, streamline workflows, and ensure optimal efficiency!
  3. 3Shape Communicate Tool – Direct Access, Communication, and Visualization with you, your lab, and the patient case! This is one of TRIOS’ key features, 3Shape Communicate is an advanced tool that lets labs and dentists share case information and view 3D designs on-line. Dentists can present before-and-after visualizations of restorations for their patients. Benefits of 3Shape Communicate are: Streamlined and convenient communication with the dental lab, Improved clinical results and case acceptance, Faster turnarounds, Ease of use, Reduced over all chair time as Dentist and Lab had precise and live communication pertaining to case, design, aesthetics, characteristics, shade , etc…
  4. Unlimited Scanning! Yes with Kastle Mills by Argen Canada we offer all our TRIOS Systems (Restorative and Dual Purpose) as Unlimited. No click fees, scan fees, export fees, or case fees!
  5. Automatic Digital Archiving for all cases! Once you send the digital impression from the TRIOS to the lab that scan data is automatically archived! You can request models when you want them.
  6. No Powder/ No Spray! Increase accuracy and patient comfort with the TRIOS – this no powder no spray solution is a patient pleaser, diagnostic aid, and valuable educational tool when it comes to educating your patients on suggested treatment. With the ability to playback previous cases and show educational video’s and training tools online patients really feel like they are part of the experience. Keeping your patients in the know and using the TRIOS as an visual aid will significantly increase treatment accpetance and boost office referrals! We can show you how.
  7. 3Shape is the GLOBAL PROVIDER for 3D Dental Lab CAD/CAM Technology – WORLD WIDE! Why wouldn’t you use technology that has been proven to be accurate, efficient, easy, and fast AND as a bonus your dental lab already uses? The TRIOS IOS Digital Impression System will compliment the majority of Dental Labs and their existing technology. There is a reason why 3Shape is #1 !
This is just a handful of reasons why the 3Shape TRIOS Digital Impression Solution IS the future of Dentistry! I would be happy to personally share with you many many more reasons why the TRIOS is the better solution for you, your patients, and your team. I’m just a phone call away …
Don’t forget about our TRIOS Demonstration and Presentation tomorrow evening in Kamloops, BC at the Coast Hotel from 6:30- 8:30pm. Please call me to reserve your seat as the most popular in office digital impression solution is in town!
If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, Canadian pricing, trios availability, training information, upcoming events throughout Canada, special promotions, or orthodontic questions.
Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535, directly at 1-250-575-1617, or by email [email protected]

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