Kastle Mills Ortho Bite Splint Milled on Roland DWX-50 with Microbur CAM Strategy

As we `drill down’ into all the value adds from the Roland DWX-50 we have now delivered on a milled Ortho bite splint from a full digital workflow!

The fit from the Roland milled bite splint was well impressive! The reason for this was our proprietary microbur pak deploying a .6mm and .3mm bur.

This SUM3D Microbur milling strategy is only available from CAP in the US and Kastle Mills in Canada for the Roland DWX-50

Imagine what you can achieve with the new 3Shape Ortho Appliance Builder and the Roland DWX-50 with SUM3D Microbur pak from Kastle Mills.

3Shape Ortho 2012 and 3Shape Appliance Builder from Kaste Mills. Ortho Roland DWX-50 Microbur kit SUM3D from Kastle Mills .6mm .3mm


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