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Ask Kastle Mills how to print 3Shape surgical guides with the new 2013 3Shape software – coming soon!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a dental implant then you may know that dentists use a surgical guide that precisely fits the shape of the mouth and gums to ensure the drill is exactly aligned over the right spot. A miss of even a millimeter can be critical – especially with the various arteries and veins nearby. Traditionally, each custom guide is made by hand – a time consuming and not always accurate process.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eqhAdXIVxg&feature= (click)







With 3D printing this is now all changing. Now provide your dental clients with highly accurate 3D printed surgical guides, produced it with an in-house Objet machine from a digital scan of the patient’s mouth.  The video above tells the whole story and is an excellent testimonial to the precision, reliability and office-compatibility of Objet’s 3D printers and also provides a nice look at Objet’s new bio-compatible transparent material.

This video is essential viewing for any dental lab looking to efficiently grow their client base and provide a superior service to their dentist clients.

At Kastle Mills we distribute, promote and drive digital dentistry in Canada with today’s leading technology and software solutions. An education hub for dentists and dental labs, we empower owners with advanced education for digital workflow, change management consulting and digital impression taking devices for increased productivity and revenue. www.kastlemills.com


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