Maxillary arch scan with the 3Shape Trios


The 3Shape TRIOS®  was designed to make a difference in your clinic with smooth and easy digital workflow. This next generation intraoral scanner gives you the best of both worlds: Dental lab expertise, material preference and flexibility, leading edge technology, and bringing the focus back to the chair enabling you and your team to treat your patient with the utmost care and attention.

When is comes to preparing an indirect restoration there is a lot to set up for, it is time consuming for you, your CDA, and your patient. How many times have you had your CDA get up to leave the room because there was something that they forgot to set up while you and your patient just wait? ‘Where is the lab slip/Rx, the lab bag, the impression tray (s), is the impression tray the right size, did you try it in, is the light body, heavy body, and bite reg material out, where are the syringe tips’?


No more having to worry Dr. Jan Bjerg Anderson from Just Smile Dental Clinic states that the “TRIOS® makes impression taking less stressful”. All you need is the cart plugged in, your restorative tray is set up, the anaesthetic out, and the atuoclavable scanner tip is ready to go. TRIOS® by 3Shape FASTER. EASIER. BETTER


When scanning a prepped quadrant only takes 52 seconds and captures 142 3D images how long do you think it would take to scan the opposing?







Maxillary (Opposing) arch scan with the 3Shape TRIOS® – 46 seconds and 197 3D images


Check in tomorrow for the Bite Reg and Analysis with TRIOS®




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