New initiatives from 3Shape A/S and Kastle Mills in Canada!

We are very excited to announce the following new initiatives from 3Shape and Kastle Mills in Canada!

  1. New FedEx Real Time Tracking from our manufacturing portal – just click to track it’s the first of its kind in Canada!
  2. New lower prices for Essential Zi Copings $39.99 a unit 48hrs or less in your hands across Canada Free Shipping!
  3. New 3Shape Abutment Library is now available – Only from Kastle Mills and CAP for your Open Scanner! (most platforms) ISO, Health Canada Approved
  4. Kastle Mills is now the distributor in Canada for EnvisionTEC 3D printers – Real Solutions and automated workflows for Canada’s Dental Lab Owners – Just Plug into 3Shape
  5. Kastle Mills is now Canada’s Roland DWX -50 Mill Distributor for Dental Labs. We are Canada’s only dental distributor `specializing’ in just dental appilcations for Roland.
  6. Kastle Mills is now Canada’s only 3Shape Ortho enabled reseller – further empowering existing 3Shape owners in Canada.

1. After the careful data analysis of performance metrics (consistency of deliver for all major delivery carriers in Canada) Kastle Mills has selected FedEx as our National Carrier for all outbound shipments. Canada’s First Real Time Tracking is now here – Kastle Mills and FedEx have developed the first API integration for dental software in Canada for real time tracking of your shipments! Super Fast Super Easy Super Transparent! Click here to see a quick video

2. Kastle Mills is offering Essential Zi indications at $39.99 a unit less than 48hours in your hands Free Shipping and 5:00pm EST 2:00pm PST cut off’s (5year warranty)








3. Kastle Mills has now deployed in conjunction with CAP our new 3Shape Abutment Library, ISO and Health Canada Approved it’s brings unparalleled productivity to your abutment workflow. Access Patient Specific Abutments for the price of stock abutments (or less). German Engineered for your 3Shape Scanner further developed by CAP engineers, now ready for your 3Shape Scanner, the new Roland desktop mills from Kastle Mills and the new Kastle Mills EnvisionTEC micro printer – Abutments and Screw Retained Substructures.



4. Kastle Mills is now the Authorized Distributor in Canada for EnvisioTEC 3D Printers – Why? When you are developing automated workflowsfor e.max press and castablesyou need absolute accuracy, speed and accessibility (price) for any dental size dental lab. Very High Quality of Parts -The resolution of fine detail is unmatched by any other Rapid Prototyping system, regardless of price. The dynamic voxel thickness for each wax resin crown can be as low as 15?m. Starting from $18,000.00 The desktop Micro is coming from Kastle Mills! It’s Easy It’s Fast and it will dramatically reduce your labour costs! is this your new waxing department? Out of the box and ready to build dental indications in less than 10 minutes. Easy to change materials, it only takes a few minutes. Straightforward to use – simple to maintain. Predictable build times. Easy-to-install and requires only simple facilities, less than 0.3 m²floorspace!

5. The all new Kastle Mills Roland DWX-50 streamlines the production process with 5-axis simultaneous machining capability and a 5-station automatic tool changer. With our strategic partner CAP we have integrated our own proprietary (2 step) CAM strategy that uses a 0.3 mm tool. This provides incredibly robust and detailed anatomy. An integrated air blower system provides quick cleanup of difficult to machine materials, such as PMMA or zirconia, along with a built-in dust collection tray that can be easily connected to any lab vacuum system, keeping the cutting area clean and free of debris. We are the only dental only company in Canada to offer the Roland desktop mill. We offer turnkey complete systems from 3Shape to DWX-50 to CAM to Consumables! We come to you for complete set up and training! We offer multiple mills and various manufacturer cam strategies – not every dental lab should mill! but the dental labs that should we have the right solution to empower you!







6. Kastle Mills is now launching the next generation of 3Shape Ortho for D700 and D800 dental scanners. Kastle Mills Konnect our new technology (IT) arm for 3Shape is offering 3rd party integration for Dolphin Orthodontic Software. This combined with the new 3Shape Appliance Builder from 3Shape will leverage a whole new offering for full service dental labs in Canada!


As we continue to drive `open’ digital dental solutions in Canada we strive towards innovation and pushing automation to better enable and empower dental lab owners in Canada.

Please see the pictures of a now fully printed denture – 3Shape 2013 Denture Design, including the Gingiva Creation tool, transforms a widespread and technique- demanding dental indication into a fast and easy digital workflow. This is just the start of innovative products to come – stay tuned!


Also Please Check out our 3Shape Video Youtube Site – See all the new 3Shape designs from Lee Cain RDT and Kastle Mills 3Shape certified 3Shape educator. and our newest 3Shape video design by Lee 3Shape Occusal Stop


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