Prosthetics and Implant planning with 3Shape & TRIOS

Implant planning will never be the same.

Finally, a system that brings together implant planning, prosthetics,

and drill guide design to open new services for dentists, new business opportunities for labs, dentists, and improved

patient experience.

3Shape’s Implant Planning & Drill Guide software saves chair time and provides the optimal combination of implant positioning, restoration functionality, and esthetics. Labs finally get prosthetics and implant planning in a single software package. Users start by placing the teeth, followed by placement of the implants and creation of the drill guide. Optimal clinical results are achieved by iteratively updating the combination of teeth, implant and drill guide. By adding efficient and accurate drill guide design and manufacturing, labs can open new business opportunities and services for dentists.

The 3Shape lab software combined with the speed, accuracy, and technology of the no spray no powder, TRIOS intraoral scanner is sure to be a win win when it comes to implant procedures and operative dentistry/ restorative dentistry! From the initial treatment planning, right down to the surgery and simple 2 step intraoral scan with TRIOS, to final placement of implant retained restoration (s) created with percise accurate data captured by the TRIOS 2nd generation digital impression solution and designed on 3Shape’s ground breaking superior CAD technology! Based on the implant planning, use the software to design an accurate Drill Guide, that will aid dentists in realizing the planned implant positions and enable flapless surgery. Apply Drill Guide designs directly to produce physical drill guides locally on validated 3D printers or milling machines. Labs can now offer this unique service for their dentists and gain new business.

 There is a reason why 3Shape is the WORLDS bestselling CAD system on the market today, this is just one of them:

Interactive prosthetics and implant planning combine the 3D scan with the CT/CBCT scan to visualize and design an esthetic and correctly placed crown. Based on the crown’s position, virtually place the corresponding implant while accounting for the clinical situation including bone density, and nerve positions. Adjust both crown and implant interactively until you are satisfied with your results.

Provide the full restorative-package before surgery by combining implant planning with drill guides, labs are now able to manufacture the temporary or permanent restoration even before inserting the implant. Labs can give the dentist a complete treatment package that includes the drill guide, temporaries, and other restorative components.

Customized healing abutments and more apply the implant planning results, i.e., implant positions and anatomy, to produce restorations of the utmost esthetic and functional quality in a wide rangeof indications. Enjoy the full power of Dental System™ to design customized healing abutments, temporary crowns, and potentially the final crown.

Patent pending.

Questions? Comments? Want to see the TRIOS Live in action in your dental office? Interested in more information about the 3Shape & TRIOS Implant planning and drill guides?

Contact Valerie – 1-877-527-8535 or email [email protected]

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