Why Refine your Dental Scrap with Argen Canada

To Start – Get Maximum Returns Guaranteed for your Dental Scrap!
We are the Industry’s Trusted Dental Alloy Leader!

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What sets Argen Canada apart from other refining companies?

  1. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all refine settlements
  2. We are the only company that offers sophisticated state of the art assaying.
  3. We offer meticulous receiving of your scrap and provide free fully insured shipping.

Why more dentists and dental labs choose Argen Canada to refine their scrap

A simple, easy process with maximum returns! The Argen Corporation is the world’s largest dental alloy producer. Argen’s state of the art dental refining centre coupled with their trusted customer care ensures you receive what your dental scrap is actually worth- with no hidden fees or estimations of worth. You are paid out based on the actual daily value of each alloy present in your sample and receive a fully comprehensive settlement record detailing the results of our 3 assay tests. Argen has been servicing the dental industry for over 40 years and has built our reputation on honesty and integrity. We are committed to providing you an honest bottom line result based on proven scientific testing with ZERO guesswork involved.

Argen Canada’s Accurate and Scientifically Proven Refining Process
  • No Charge Fully Insured Shipping- Free containers, Free Purolator, Free insurance.
  • Meticulous Receiving- your materials are sorted, inspected, weighed and digitally photographed.
  • Skilled Melting
    • Technicians melt the solids and grindings and add flux to remove all non alloy material from the scrap.
    • Remaining alloy is then re-melted using an induction furnace to ensure a homogenous melt.
  • 3 Samples are taken directly from the stirred liquid melt using a vacuum pin tube- samples are uniform and representative of the entire lot.
  • The Samples are Assayed in parts per billion in Argen’s ICP-OES Analysis Unit to determine the amount of gold, platinum, palladium and silver present.
  • The Assaying Process is then repeated 3 times each with standard solution to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Argen Canada’s CEO Richard Nixon will deliver a personal phone call to discuss the assay results and the value of your scrap on that day.
  • Settlement Satisfaction is Guaranteed or we will return your processed brick and the ICP assay sample to you at no risk and free of charge.
  • Your payment is sent out to you along with a complete settlement record including all weights and assay results.

Contact us now here to get your refine kit now! 

Whats this Video to Define Why Argen Refining will provide you more for your settlement

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