Scanning the Mandibular arch with 3Shape Trios

It all starts with a good impression!

That is the most accurate statement I have ever heard when it comes to restorative dentistry. Obtaining an accurate impression the conventional way can be challenging to say the least. When you think of all the steps that come with taking a conventional impression plus the 2.5 minute – 5 minute set time of the material you are looking at an average time spent of 10 minutes just for an impression! You have to select a try of adequate size and extension, try in the tray to ensure fit and comfort, isolate, retract, keep the tip of the syringe buried in the material to avoid air bubbles when dispensing, make sure the timer is going so there is no distortion from early removal, and 4 hands are almost always required, then you wait for the material to set while your client tries not to gag! I’m sure as clinicians we have all experienced the client that grabs your hands and tries to pull out the impression, the ones that fidget in the chair because they are uncomfortable, tries to talk while the impression is setting, or the ones that try to hold their breath so the material doesn’t move and you have to remind them to breathe … I’ve experienced it all! You then remove the impression, analyze the margins (sometimes take another one – there goes another 10 minutes), had it to your CDA, he/she disinfects it, wraps it, fills out the Rx, hunts you down to get your signature, and then ship’s it to the lab.

The Difference …

There is no tray to size, there is no uncomfortable bulk from the impression tray, no wait for the long set time, no irritation, and no gag reflex from excess material! Its a quick and comfortable experience that reduces over all chair time, improves clinical results, and allows for better fitting restorations. On screen visualization allows the dentist to make modifications as you scan and easily obtain the optimal impression the first time. 3Shape’s ultrafast optical sectioning technology represents the next generation of digital impression taking. 3Shape TRIOS unique features include spray free scanning, high accuracy optimized for and extensive range of dental indications, clinical scan validation, online communication with the lab, intuitive smart touch user interfacing, and much more!

My scan on the  third quadrant took 52 seconds and I captured 142 3D images!

The 3D digital impression is based on real time scan data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces. With the scanner wand weighing only 1.6 pounds/ 0.7 kg it’s an easy task. There is no need to hold the wand at a specific distance or angle for focus, you can even rest the scanner wand on the teeth as you scan. There is no prompted voice telling you where/how to scan: ‘please scan occlusal of 36 – beep, please scan lingual of 36 – beep, please scan buccal of 36 – beep’ … nope none of that!

The TRIOS by 3Shape was designed with real life workflow in mind! It has ease and flow built right in, with as little as 3 passes you can capture all the scan data you need … check it out!





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