SLM High Noble Dental Copings – Welcome to Selective Laser Melting (The Bridge LMT)

Argen Digital introduced its High Noble SLM substructures built from their popular Argedent Euro alloy containing 40% Au, 40% Pd and available in up to six units. “We are the only company in the world to offer High Noble, Noble and Non-Precious substructures fabricated with Selective Laser Melting Technology,” said Ashley Skitt, Marketing Manager.

Imagine access to this precision technology – at an extremely low per unit all from your 3Shape Dental Scanner and or open dental scanner.

Selective laser melting is additive manufacturing; creating 3D metal parts from a file that you design. The process originated in the automotive industry, cutting production time of building an engine to days instead of months, and today is used in a wide variety of industries with various materials. The laser melting process is extremely accurate, creates less product waste and saves production time.

•   Selective Laser Melting at Argen Digital
•   Structures are built up layer by layer
•   Each unit is made from 100% new metal

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