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It just keeps getting better … 3Shape TRIOS and Communicate:

Labs and dentists connect and interact in the cloud

Chat forums, Skype™, video conferencing… this is an age that values its tools for smart communication and easy interaction. Inspired by these trends, 3Shape offers new communication solutions that bring full digital workflows between clinics and labs much closer. Dental labs with a TRIOS® Inbox can receive ready-for-design digital impressions directly from connected clinics – just minutes after the dentist completes the scan. But that’s only half of the story. 3Shape Communicate™ software running in both labs and clinics provides an interactive communications platform with online exchange of case information, 3D designs and 2D previews through their mutual Communicate™ Cloud.

Labs and clinics connect and communicate
3Shape’sTRIOS Inbox™ is a software component that is integrated within Dental System™ It enables labs to receive TRIOS® digital impressions and orders directly from connected dental clinics. With TRIOS Inbox installed, lab technicians will see a new tab in their Dental Manager™ interface that opens an overview of incoming cases from connected clinics using 3Shape’s TRIOS® digital impression solution. The Communicate™ software is integrated in both Dental System™ and the TRIOS® system enabling labs and dentists to share case information, including 3D designs with annotations, screen shots, and comments. To connect and enjoy such straightforward interaction, both the lab and dentist simply create their own Communicate™ account, and then either one can send a request to connect. Once accepted on the other end, setting up in Dental System™ is easy and does not involve any kind of complex network parameters or protocols.

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