TRIOS Live in Action: Presentation in Kamloops, BC.

Next week February 13th there will be a TRIOS Evening Presentation and Demonstration held in Kamloops BC!

If you haven’t already heard the 3Shape TRIOS is shaking up our industry with its ultra fast optical sectioning scan technology that captures 3000 2D images per second to create the 3D model! This no powder, no spray digital impression solution is the future of dentistry. With unlimited scanning, no click fees or case fees Dentists all over Canada are interested to find out that the TRIOS is all about.

Well Dr’s the TRIOS is all about faster, easier, better: less time needed for preparation appointments makes for happier patients! Time saved = more money! No goop, no fuss, no mess solution allows for patient comfort, patient education, and patient involvement increasing case acceptance and office referrals. Less time needed for seat appointments as digital is better – accuracy is impeccable. No grinding or adjusting your patients restorations!  Find out how you can have the 3Shape TRIOS in your office!

Join us on Wednesday February 13th in Kamloops, BC. Come discover the future of dentistry, a world of potential is at your finger tips with the 3Shape TRIOS!

If you have any question or comments I would love to hear them. Please contact me for quotes, Canadian pricing, trios availability, training information, upcoming events throughout Canada, special promotions, or orthodontic questions. Call Valerie at 1-877-527-8535, directly at 1-250-575-1617, or by email [email protected]

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